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This blog was created for a multitude of reasons. The biggest reason being that my passions stem from books, travel, and neuroscience. It's the reason that I say to travel by page, plane, or passion. There are so many worlds beyond your own. You can find them in books, by exploring the world, or by discovering what you are passionate about. The Purple Shelf Club is a community where people can explore these worlds. This blog is for you!

Who Are You?

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Travel by page

This is the place for book lovers and book lovers to be. Most of my posts are regarding works of fiction but if a non-fiction book catches my eye; you better believe I will write about it. Explore my book reviews, book tags, and all posts related to books!

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Travel Bug

Travel by plane

One of my many passions is exploring the world and going to places I’ve never been. I know many people want to see the world. This is my way of showing you as much as I can! One of my life goals is to see as many places as I possibly can. So, if you know of a great place to go, then let me know! Otherwise, if you love traveling and you want to explore the world with me, this is the spot for you! 

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Neuroscience Lover

Travel by passion

Believe it or not, blogging is not my career. It is merely a hobby. This blog is meant to be a community and as such, you should probably get to know me. I am a future neuroscientist and I am probably too excited about that! This is where I will share with you my scientific journey as well as talk about different neuroscience topics!

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Creators of whole new world's

Without authors there wouldn’t be books. Without books, a big portion of what I write about would be non-existent. I have you to thank for part of this blog. Because of this, I want to help you! I provide services to authors so that they can be confident that what they are putting into this world is the best that it can be. Let me help you create your best work yet!

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Contributors of the world wide web

You’re a blogger? Me too! I find it important to help other bloggers since I am one. Most posts about blogging tend to be vague. My mission is to be as detailed as possible so that you can get the help you really need! Let’s learn together!

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Work With Me

Alexis of the Purple Shelf Club

I can’t wait to work with you. You can learn more about me by checking out my blog and seeing what my writing style is like. You can learn even more through my work with me page and my services page. Let’s connect!

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Enter The Monthly Contest!

I know it’s hard to get your book out there and seen. Everyone writes books nowadays but you just know people would love your book if they saw it. Well, I have an opportunity for that to happen. I want to support authors the best I can. So, enter your book into my monthly contest and get your book seen!

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