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Have you ever craved to immerse yourself into a unique experience of natural wonders, history, and cultural heritage? Amsterdam is an answer to your willful desire to quench your wanderlust soul. The capital city of the Netherlands in Europe is a remarkable example of historical extravaganza coupled with Mother Nature’s extraordinary beauty. I want to introduce your travel freak minds into some of the fabulous and best places to visit in Amsterdam.

Canals, museums, historical buildings and monuments, parks, gardens, bustling street markets, and the vibrant nightlife are the treasures of the wondrous city. Touring around the city is an enchanting experience as you float your minds into its spectacular tourist destinations.


The massive museum is significant in hosting a huge collection of almost eight thousand artifacts. No doubt it is one of the prominent and best places to visit in Amsterdam. In the year 1970, the museum was declared as the national heritage of the Netherlands. It is phenomenal in displaying paintings of world-renowned artists, popular among them being Vermeer, Rembrandt, and many more.

Various sculptures, images, dresses, and other items of use by the Dutchmen and women can be found inside the museum. If you are specifically interested in learning the history of Dutch culture, the museum is ideal for you to visit. One of the key specialties of the museum is its library, one of the largest and oldest in the country.

Canal Cruises

The majority of travelers are aware of the intriguing beauty of the Amsterdam Canals. Cruising along the majestic canals is an experience to remember a lifetime. Meandering between the buildings and residential houses, the canals are one of the most popular and best places to visit in Amsterdam.

They proudly occupy a place among the World Heritage Sites of UNESCO. A spectacular experience is to observe the reflection of the sparkling sun rays on the canal waters at dusk. It spreads across a golden aura in the adjacent surroundings. The canals are connected by more than 1200 bridges, creating a vast circuit of waterways.


If you want to spend a time of solace with your near and dear ones, you must not miss visiting Vondelpark. Among all the public parks, Vondelpark is one of the prominent and best places to visit in Amsterdam. Spreading across a huge area of about 120 acres, the park is an epitome of beauty.

Marked with lush green fields, gleaming stream waters at the backdrop of the dense trees are a treat to the eyes. The sprinkling fountain waters and the melodious chirping of the birds enhance the charm of the place. The park is also significant in hosting several musical events and dance dramas.

Van Gogh Museum


As evident from the name, the museum is dedicated to the legendary artist Van Gogh. It is the residence of 700 drawings and paintings of the world-famous creator of artworks. There are many letters of Van Gogh on display at the museum.

Tourists have ranked the museum higher among the list of best places to visit in Amsterdam. For art lovers and painters, it is a heavenly delight to look at the remarkable works of the artist. You will be acquainted with the life history of Van Gogh and his amazing journey as a painter.

On Fridays of every week, artists from various corners of the country showcase their creations. Workshops are also held providing exclusive training on artistry and paintings.

Albert Cuypmarkt

For shopaholics, Albert Cuypmarkt is an ideal place to fulfill their purchasing spree. It is the biggest market in the country lined with numerous street shops and stalls. You can find almost everything you need in the market.

Garments, jewelry, household items, and gifts are found in abundance. Some are local and handmade, crafted by talented artisans. There are also many local and international food stalls and beverage shops to savor your hunger and zeal for drinks. The market is open 6 days every week and mostly remains crowded with the locals and the tourists.


Imagine floating on a river adorned with brightly colored flowers. Doesn’t it remind you of the fairy tales of childhood? Well, yes I am referring to Bloemenmarkt.

It is a charming flower market floating on the canal waters. Amsterdam is famous for tulips, and you can find almost all the tulip varieties in the market. The market is considered one of the most beautiful and best places to visit in Amsterdam.

The entire market blooms with the multicolored flowers, bouquets, hanging flowers, flower pots, and vases. You can also find different essential gardening tools and equipment.


Jordaan is among the oldest and historic places to visit in Amsterdam. Its establishment dates back way ahead in the 17th century. The place is symbolical in representing the cultural diversity that exists in the country.

It is one of the busiest places, bustling with energy and enthusiasm. Cafes, restaurants, pubs, and food joints are in abundance. If you want to spend a fun-filled weekend with your family or friends, Jordaan is the best place for you. A significant part of Jordaan is its spectacular art galleries, displaying exemplary works of the local painters and artists.

Dam Square

Dam Square is specifically notable for being the destination for the Royal Palace. It is Amsterdam’s town square hosting multiple cultural and public events. The square bears similarity with Trafalgar Square of London.

Bustling and fluttering with a plethora of street performances, the place is one of the happening places to visit in Amsterdam. You can also visit the wax museum of Madame Tussauds and the Nieuwe Kerk church.


Begijnhof is a hidden treasure of Amsterdam. Away from the hustle and bustle of city life, it’s an enthralling place to sit and relax for rejuvenation. Essentially the place is a serene hamlet encompassed by beautiful houses and a garden.

Spending a quiet time amid the peace and tranquil environment is an eternal experience. You can visit the chapel of Engelse Kerk, especially famous for the inscriptions and writings on its walls and columns.

Efteling Park

It is a popular theme park, specially curated to represent the fairy tales of fictional characters of the Dutch ideology. Constructed in 1952, the park offers ample opportunities for entertainment and fun. There are different kinds of amusement rides for the kids to enjoy a thrilling day at the park.

You can also explore the golf course and watch some live shows at the theatre. The park is well embellished by green grass, flowering plants, and fountains.

Last and not the least do not forget to click a photo in front of the famous letters “I Amsterdam”. You can find them at the back of the Rijksmuseum.

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