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50 Bookish Questions Book Tag

Who doesn’t love books and anything bookish? I know I do! I also love book tags. To me, they are so fun to do. Today, I am doing the 50 bookish questions book tag which I found from the BookFoxy blog (give theirs a read too!) This book tag consists of 50 questions that are all book-related. Pretty simple right? I thought so. Give my answers a read below!

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50 Bookish Questions!

Okay, time to get started. 50 questions is a lot but I am ready for the challenge. Let’s see what lies ahead.

What was the last book you read?

The last book I read was Can’t Stop the Funk. It’s a mystery novel that takes place 5 years after Hurricane Katrina. It is one of the first mystery novels I have ever read.

Was it a good one?

Well, why would I tell you that when you could read my book review about it (coming out soon!).

What made it good?

To be very vague, there were some good characters and the book did make me think.

Would you recommend it to other people?

Yes, of course! I won’t give away what star rating I gave it though until my book review is out. Any book I review on this blog is at least a 3-star rating. This way even if I didn’t like a book very much, at least I think it could be something you would still possibly enjoy.

How often do you read?

I try to read every single day. I do keep up with this most of the time but there are some days that come along that are just too busy for me to do so.

Do you like to read?

Of course! If I didn’t like to read I wouldn’t have started this blog. And I most certainly wouldn’t be doing this book tag.

What was the last bad book you read?

Hmmm, I can’t remember to be honest with you.

What made you dislike it?

Can’t answer because of my answer above. But, I can tell you the number one thing that will make me dislike a book is predictability. I want to be caught by surprise when I read a book. If I know what’s going to happen, what’s the point of reading it?

Do you wish to be a writer?

Not really. I am in the middle of writing 3 books but it is just for fun. I may publish them and I may not. Even if I do publish them, I can tell you that I don’t plan on being a writer or an author full time. It would just be a fun project.

Has any book ever influenced you greatly?

There are some non-fiction books that have influenced me to be grow as a person. I can’t say that any fiction book has ever influenced me in any way except to keep reading more books.

Do you read fan fiction?

No. I’ve read one fan fiction piece before but it just isn’t something that I get into.

Do you write fan fiction?


What’s your favorite book?

My favorite book would have to be either Pride and Prejudice or the Princess Bride. Don’t make me choose between them!

What’s your least favorite book?

Probably Outliers. I like it but it wouldn’t rank in my top 10 or anything.

Do you prefer physical books or read on a device?

I prefer physical books any day! I read plenty of books on my computer but if I had the choice and the space, I would read them all as a physical copy.

When did you learn to read?

Probably kindergarten. I remember reading heavily in the first grade so I probably learned the basics while I was in kindergarten.

What is your favorite book you had to read in school?

I think the Great Gatsby since it is the first one that popped into my head. I read it in high school, I think it was for my junior year. The same year that I read the book was the same year that the movie came out! Isn’t that awesome! I thought this is the best timing ever.

My class tried to convince our teacher to take us on a field trip to see the movie since we had read the book. She was awesome because she actually tried to set that up, but ultimately was denied. We were so bummed but eventually, I did get to see the movie.

There are actually two versions of the movie and I watched them both to compare. It was no contest, I liked the newest version the best. Have you seen either version or read the book?

What is your favorite book series?

My favorite book series right now is the Witcher series. Soon though I want the Outlander book series (because it is my favorite tv show ever). So, I think once I get to read those books they will become my favorite.

Who is your favorite author?

Oh gosh, I can’t really pick one. Right now it is a mic of Lynn Cullen (read my review of one of her books here), Karen Wyle (read my review of one of her books here), and Andrzej Sapkowski (you can read my review of one of his books here). I have written reviews for their books already and plan to read and review many of their books in the future.

What is your favorite genre?

Historical fiction. I think I may have mentioned that before but I’m not sure. I love other genre’s too (I’m not picky by any means) but I always gravitate to historical fictions.

Who is your favorite character in a book series?

Geralt in the witcher series. I love his sense of humor and matter of factness.

Has a book ever transported you somewhere else?

Yes, just about every book that I have rated 4 star and up has completely made me disappear from reality.

Which book do you wish had a sequel?

The Phoenix of Fyre (read my review of it here). I just recently read that book and I think it is great enough to be a sequel.

Which book do you wish DIDN’T have a sequel?

I don’t have an answer for that. To be honest, I haven’t read very many sequels.


How long does it take you to read a book?

Forever, I am a slow reader. I like to read 100 pages a day but it takes me all day to do that. Because of this, I usually read every other day. If i had to put a number on it, I would say 3 days.

Though there have been times when I have read a book in just one day. I am working on reading faster though so maybe that will speed things up.

Which movie has done a book justice?

I’ve liked quite a few book to movie versions. I like The Great Gatsby and The Princess Bride renditions the most.

Do you read newspapers?

Nope. I never have. When I was little I would read the comic section, but otherwise I have not.

Do you read magazines?

No. I use to have a subscription to the Highlights magazine when I was younger and my favorite section was the crafts section. But, I have never really enjoyed reading magazines. Books all the way for me!

Do you prefer newspapers or magazines?


Do you read while in bed?

Yes, all the time. I read in a bunch of different spaces, the bed included.

Do you read while on the toilet?

No, this is one spot that I don’t read at. My spots are usually my bed, balcony, computer, and living room couch.

Do you read while in the car?

Yes, as a passenger. I only reserve this for long car rides or road trips though. I am lucky in that I don’t get car sickness. It turns out, a lot of people hate reading while in the car because they start to feel sick. I luckily have never experienced that.

Do you read while in the bath?

I’ve tried doing this a couple of times but it never works out. For one, I don’t like taking long baths (I prefer showers). For two, I end up worrying about getting my book wet the whole time instead of enjoying what I am reading.

Are you a fast reader?

No, but I am learning new tricks that are actually helping me read faster!

Are you a slow reader?

Yes, but I am working on it!

Where is your favorite place to read?

Probably in my bed. To me, my bed is the most comfortable spot.

Is it hard for you to concentrate while you read?

Sometimes, I need it to be quiet to read. If it’s loud, I will put headphones in and listen to classical music.

Do you need a room to be silent while you read?


Who gave you your love for reading?

My teacher from the first grade. We read everyday in that class and I quicly fell in love. I have been reading constantly ever since.

What book is next on your list to read?

It is a book called the Edge of Perception.

When did you start to read chapter books?

Probably in the first grade at some point. I was an avid reader and I did really well at it.

Who is your favorite children’s book author?

Lemony Snicket. His books are a little dark for children but I love them anyway! It was the first series that I fell in love with.

Which author would you most want to interview?

Probably Lemony Snicket or Amanda Gabaldon.

Which author do you think you’d be friends with?

Oh I have no clue. Maybe Aimee Shaye (check out my book cover reveal here). I have worked with her in the past and she is really nice.

What book have you reread the most?

Out of the Dust by Karen Hesse. I found it when I was in Junior High and loved it so much! I have my own copy now but I have read it probably 5 times. It is written in free-verse poetry and it is a favorite of mine.

Which books do you consider “classics”?

Pride and Prejudice, The Princess Bride, Little Women, Jane Eyre, Great Expectations, the list goes on and on.

Which books do you think should be taught in every school?

I don’t have a good answer for this. I do think that more books should explored when it comes to the curriculum though. I feel like the same books (to kill a mockingbird for example) are used throughout the years when their are so many options out in the world that are just as good.

Which books should be banned from all schools?

None! I don’t like that books are banned. I think all books have something to say and that people can learn at least one thing from any given book.

Let’s Talk About It!

Boy that was a lot of questions! What is your favorite question from this? What’s your answer to that question? Let me know in the comments below!

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