The Purple Shelf Club Is For Self-Publishing Authors Who Love To Read And Write Fiction.

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“Curiosity drives passion”

My name is Alexis and the Purple Shelf Club is my cozy little bookish corner here on the interweb. I believe that curiosity drives passion. My curiosity has led me to see unknown places, pave the path to becoming a neuroscientist, and become a book blogger.

I created the Purple Shelf Club for self-publishing authors who love to read and write fiction.

You know what it’s like to read an amazing book that takes you into a whole new world. You want to have a lifestyle where you can experience and create these new worlds.

No worries, I started the Purple Shelf Club to find passion seekers like you.

My mission is to help you on your journey because I know how frustrating it is to be a self-publishing author.

Most book bloggers won’t even consider reviewing a self-published author. But why is that? Simply put, self-published books do not appear to have the same effort put into them as traditionally self-published books.

But I know you want to be different. You are the kind of person who wants a book that:

  • Looks amazing inside and out
  • Is edited to perfection
  • Readers can’t stop talking about
  • Reviewers say is “irresistible”, “captivating”, and “the best read this year”

If you have these thoughts, you are in the right place.

Why I started this book blog

In May 2020, I created the Purple Shelf Club. I wanted a hobby that I was passionate about. I started thinking about all the things I love to do and landed on reading. So, I created a book blog where I could talk about the amazing books I love. Escaping into a fictional world for a while is like a release. I get to relax and be adventurous at the same time! There is no better combination. However, without authors like you, this blog wouldn’t exist. That is why I created a quarterly contest and provide editing services to accompany this blog.

Why I started providing editing services

I started editing when I realized that so many self-published authors were struggling with getting their books into the hands of readers. These authors were looking to their friends and family for editing help or asking for feedback in forums on Reddit and Goodreads. But they weren’t really getting the quality driven help they needed. As a result, self-published authors are getting a bad rep. Book bloggers and readers won’t even give these authors a chance because they know the book won’t be written as well as their traditionally published counterparts. So, I am changing that by providing book evaluations and developmental edits.

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With love,

Alexis M.

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If you are an author, let’s support each other! I have services that I can provide to you via my services page Or, you can contact me here about doing a book review, book cover reveal, book blog tour, and more!

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