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The Beauty and the Beast Book Tag

I am a huge Disney fan (old Disney that is) and so I was excited when I found a book tag related to Beauty and the Beast. This one is really simple, all you have to do and what I will be doing is naming a book that is related to a song/character from the movie, Beauty and the Beast. So, be my guest and take a look at my answers to the Beauty and the Beast book tag:

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The Invisible Nurse Shows How Valuable Appreciation Is

The Invisible Nurse is a short story that takes place in the land of Alfadia where there is a healing practice that has been around for thousands of years. An invisible nurse is summoned by hanging onions in the window at night. The next morning, people are healed. No one knows its origin or how it works and no one questions it, save for a child named Alicia. Alicia is known for her questions and as the story unfolds, it is her questions and curiosity that get her and all of Alfadia into trouble. The most important question becomes how to fix what she started.

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This or That Book Tag

I found this idea on Pinterest. Book tags seem like a lot of fun so I thought why not give it a go! I found this tag from Jenn at Bound to Writing, so give them a read too. Without further ado, here is the “This or That” Book tag:

Blood of Elves- It Will Leave You In Suspenseful Curiosity

The Blood of Elves: What You Need To Know

Blood of Elves while labeled as the first book is not actually the first in the 8 novel series. It is merely the first of the main story. Had I paid attention I would have realized this. It’s actually the first of the 8 that I read. Now that I know the true order of the books I am backtracking and will read them in the correct order. If you would like to do the same I will spare you from making the same mistake. The order is as follows: