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Disclaimer: I will only provide book evaluation service for works of fiction that are written in English. English is the only language that I know. Thank you for understanding.

Do you want to know with absolute certainty that your book is written well? Do you want to know who would read your book, and the overall thoughts a person would have while reading your book?

As your editor, I can provide those answers for you.

Before you publish your story, you will want to make sure it is publish-ready. But how can a book evaluation do that? Allow me to explain.

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What Is A Book Evaluation?

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Book Evaluation Service

A book evaluation is a combination of things. Imagine a manuscript evaluation meets beta reading, meets personalized book review. I know, that’s so much! Basically, it is a professional evaluation and critique of your story. Grammar, spelling, writing style, plot, pace, and more are looked at.

You have to worry about if your story is boring, or slow, or hard to read. A book evaluation is an efficient way of letting you know if your story is readable, enjoyable, and ultimately, publish ready.

If you want to know where you stand with your novel, this is the route to take.

Book Evaluation Vs. Beta Reading

I find this important to differentiate because they are similar, but ultimately different. In fact, I used to call what I do beta reading. That was until I found out that I was doing a lot more than the average beta reader.

Beta readers are test readers of a complete story that give feedback based on the reader’s point of view. Most are free, but some do charge for their services.

Book evaluators take it a step further. I do the following:

  • light editing
  • provide in-depth comments on what works and what doesn’t
  • provide insight from the reader’s point of view
  • telling you where to improve writing style where needed
  • +more

Book evaluators give you more insight on how to make your book so good that anyone who picked up your book wouldn’t be able to put it down.

My goal is to get your book as close to 5/5 stars as possible!

The Step By Step Process To Editing

It is important to know when you should get your book edited and the step-by-step process of each type of edit. Believe it or not, you shouldn’t pick just any one type of editing. There are several types and they go hand in hand. See below for the order in which you should have your book edited according to the different types of edits:

  1. Initial edit (the one you do yourself, a basic glance over)
  2. Developmental edit (imperative for every author to do; see here for more details)
  3. Book evaluation (this could also be done before you send your book off to beta readers)
  4. Line edit
  5. Copy edit
  6. Proofread
  7. Beta reading (mostly done for free and the perfect way to know if your book is ready to be published)
  8. Ta-da! All done, now you can publish

It is important to note that some editors do one or multiple types of edits, some combine them together (known as packages), and some will combine other types of book editing not mentioned in the above list such as formatting. What your editor does should be spelled out for you before they charge you.

I only do two of the above. These are developmental editing and book evaluations.

Why You Need A Book Evaluation

In a word, quality. You want someone who will take your story and give you as much of an honest, valuable, and in-depth critique as possible. I take the time to look at your book both as a reader and book reviewer before it gets put out into the real world.

I want to leave you feeling confident in your book.

What I Do As A Book Evaluator

Okay, so now you should have a good handle on what a book evaluation is. Now, let’s discuss what it is I do as your book evaluator.

The Process

It is important to know that your story should be self-edited at least once. I can also complete my book evaluation service after all professional editing has been done. A book evaluation helps you know if your book is ready for the world (publish-ready). With me as your book evaluator you will get simple edits as well as feedback on:

  1. Storyline
  2. Characters
  3. Dialogue
  4. Worldbuilding
  5. Writing style and quality
  6. Real-time thoughts while reading
  7. What audience it is best suited for
  8. Up to 3 re-reads or revisions
  9. Star Rating

Once we have decided to work together (cost, timeframe, etc.), I will receive your story and start working diligently to have it evaluated on or before the agreed-upon completion date.

I will make comments within your story. All suggested changes and my thoughts as a reader will be made as track changes. You can choose to accept my changes or keep the original format. I strive to improve the quality of your story, but I leave you with the final say. 

I will also provide a separate report that provides all of my feedback. Think of it as a personalized, in-depth book review.


I think others can speak on my performance better than I can, so as I work with more and more authors, I will put their testimonies below (if they give one).

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

The review was really thorough with plenty of critiques regarding unclear plot elements, confusing sentence structure, grammatical corrections, and suggestions for things that should be researched and/or change. The dialogue and characters were analyzed to make sure everything flowed naturally, and there was a brief summary provided at the end of each chapter to let me know if the pacing felt fast/slow, if the individual chapter was engaging, etc. There were predictable sections in the narrative pointed out to me as well as comments on surprising parts. It was great feedback that let me understand my story through the reader’s eyes. I would definitely use this service again!

Author Nicole Rivers – June 23, 2020 – 5/5 stars

Hugely appreciated Alexis’ work! She provided timely and engaging feedback, which looked at my craft, characters and plot. Her particular emphasis on ensuring reader interest and keeping my chapters fast-paced really will step up my writing. She left comments on predictable and surprising situations alike. Would absolutely recommend.

Tealeaf (a.k.a Steven Thiele) – July 3, 2020 – 5/5 stars

Alexis has an impressive ability to identify a novel’s most relevant deficiencies and communicate them to the author in a way that is both clear and thought-provoking. Her thorough feedback is both specific enough to give useful direction, as well as general enough to be adaptable to the author’s own vision. Her book evaluation is a high-quality service that I would recommend to any writer who is serious about making their novel the best it can be.

Jeffrey Gao – February 15, 2021 – 5/5 stars

Authors I’ve Done Book Evaluations For

  1. Steven Thiele (a.k.a Tealeaf)
  2. Nicole Rivers
  3. Jeffrey Gao

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