Book Review Policy For Authors

Disclaimer: As a general note for this book review policy you should know that I only accept stories that are written in English as that is the only language I speak. Thank you for understanding.

I am currently not accepting book review requests. This notification will be closed once I am able to accept requests again.

The Purple Shelf Club thanks you for considering requesting a book review. Please read my book review policy in its entirety. If I can tell you have not (i.e. not providing all information requested) then I will delete your request and I will not respond. I write book reviews for free. If you need any kind of book promotion other than a book review, please contact me using the contact form below to request rates and/or information. If you decide to contact me for a book review, please provide as much information as possible. See bottom of page for contact forms.

Books That I Will Accept

I enjoy reading as much as you enjoy writing. While I am picky in my selections, I do accept most stories. This list is not exhaustive. Please send me an email via the contact form below if you have any questions.


I will accept physical copies, PDF formats, ebooks, and audio books. I give preference to physical copies. If you want to send me a physical copy, then please note that I live in the U.S.


I will accept ARC’s, books soon to be published if you have a date in mind, and published books. If your book is an ARC or is nearing the deadline of being published, please give me as much time as possible to read and review it.

I will read both traditionally published and self-published books. Please note that if your book is self-published that I will hold it to the same standards that I would any other novel. I know how hard it is for self-published authors to get their name out there. That is why I have included you in my book review policy. I expect the same amount of effort to have been put into your story as a traditionally self-published book is.


I will read almost all fiction, short stories, and poetry collections.

Please note that I rarely review YA fiction, but if your book has a compelling enough cover or summary, I will review it like any other!

If your book is a historical fiction, please send a request. This is my favorite genre and I will accept your book review request almost 100% of the time.

Books That I Will Not Accept

  • Nonfiction
  • Cookbooks
  • Textbooks for education such as high school and college
  • Comic books
  • Graphic Novels
  • Political texts
  • Art
  • Single Poems
  • Children’s books

What Happens If I Accept Your Book Review Request?

If I accept I will initially send you an email back letting you know. I will also request the following from you:

  • Cover image
  • Links to your social media and/or author website
  • author pic and bio
  • Book Summary
  • any other relevant information

Please Keep In Mind The Following

  • I have the right to refuse a review request at any point for any reason, and I do not guarantee the review of every request sent to me
  • I am completely honest in writing my book reviews, and I rate on a 5-star scale. If you are not comfortable with the possibility of a negative review, please do not send a request in.
  • I reserve the right to mention you or your book in future posts (i.e. book lists, book tags, etc.)
  • All book reviews will be at minimum 500 words in length and posts will be published to this blog
  •  I will only accept requests that are interesting to me and are books that I would actually read
  • Once a request is accepted, you may not post my review (copying and pasting) anywhere without granted permission from me. You can share my review on social media as this is different from posting my review.
  • I am an affiliate and I will receive a commission from any purchases of your book that come from the book review at no additional cost to you or the consumer
  • Book reviews are not always written in the same format on my blog

What You Get With The Book Review

  • Book review published to this blog
  • An honest in-depth review of at least 500 words (I usually write more than 1000 words)
    • These are honest reviews, so a good rating is not guaranteed
  • I promise not to include any spoilers in my review
  • Updates of when I begin reading your book, when I have finished writing the review and when I plan to publish the review, and when I have published the review
  • Links to your social media and/or author website in the review
  • A shortened review to amazon, Goodreads, etc. upon your request

Terms & Conditions

When given a request for a review, I have the right to decline it before and after accepting the request and after receiving a copy of the book. I also have the right to write a positive or negative review of the book, as I will be 100% honest in the review. I also have as much time as I need to write a good review and to read the book (although if you want a review within a fixed amount of time just tell me, I will tell you if I can). My promise is to keep you updated at each stage of the review.

Just to let you know I am 100% honest in my reviews and what I say is entirely my own opinion. I rate on a 5-star scale that is nothing but honest, so good ratings for your book are not guaranteed. My time and yours are valuable and I will respect that. You must understand and agree to these terms and conditions to send a request. If you do not agree, do not send a request.

What Else Do I Offer Authors?

Besides reviews, I am also open to the following:

  • Author interviews
  • exclusive cover reveals
  • giveaways
  • blog tours
  • guest blogging

Simply send me an email via the contact form below, or by visiting my contact page. Please also consider me for help with editing your book. Check out my services:

If you have any questions whatsoever about this book review policy or anything else, please use the contact form below.

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