Find all the book-related posts you could ever need. Fellow bookworms, you will see book reviews, book tags, book lists, and posts about books. My personal favorites are the book tours and book tags. I would consider myself to be a bookworm, but I have found that every bookworm is different. Maybe you are just looking for your next read. That works perfectly well because I have so many suggestions for you! Maybe you just like talking about books. If that is the case, then no worries because I love talking about books too. Whatever it is you are looking for, I have it. If I don’t, then I encourage you to reach out to me in the comments or via my contact page and I will be sure to add in what you want to see!

Not a bookworm yet? That’s awesome! Why you ask. Because one of the many reasons I started this blog was to increase the number of readers in this world. The more bookworms there are the better! If you don’t read much, I suggest starting out with some books that are shorter in length. Or, you could check out some of the books that I have rated 5/5 stars. Those are sure to catch your interest. The best way to become a bookworm or consistent reader is to find the genre you like the most. For many, that genre is fantasy, so you could always start by checking out that genre first. Hopefully, these suggestions have helped you to at least get started.

Happy reading fellow bookworms!


The TBR Book Tag

How many books are on your TBR list? Have you ever heard of the TBR Book Tag? I'm willing to bet that for many of you the list is too long to say. Am I right? Well, it is for me. I have the list actually typed out in my notes on my phone. Eventually, I want to move the list completely over to my Goodreads account (friend me on Goodreads). However, until that day happens the list will remain in my notes. Anywho, I found this book tag that is absolutely amazing. If you are a bookworm I know you will be able to relate!


Edge Of Perception Book Review

Ron Lewis is a firm believer in science. However, a curse that was placed on his family during the slavery days continues to plague since his early childhood. Ron was born in the 1960s and faces many struggles on top of the paranormal activity. Just when Ron thinks he has found peace, a tragedy strikes turning his world upside down. Soon after, a once in a lifetime opportunity allows Ron to use science to face his demons of the past which unleashes even more chaos. The question is, will he find peace amidst the chaos and will he finally be able to put his demons to rest?


Monthly Contest-August 2020 Contestants!

The turn out for my first ever monthly contest has been amazing! As you can imagine I am very pleased. I hope this keeps going because I plan on doing this every single month. If you don't what I'm talking about, that's okay. I will explain...


Miscreants Book Review

Azreah Grace is left alone after a viscious group of miscreants tear through and destroy her home; Oliver's Lane. No longer able to return to the alpha lands she sets her eyes on one goal, finding out a way to exempt her species; the procreants, from extinction. Along the way she finds herself in constant danger, but she also uncovers information that goes against her lifelong beliefs. She also finds herself running from a powerful being that is determined have her. The only seemingly available option to survival is enlisting the help of her formal lover, Abel Kahn. He is handsome, powerful, and the only one with the ability to bring her home. But he is also the man she never wanted to see again. The question is, will she enlist his help or subject herself to an endless route of danger?


The Netflix Book Tag-Books & Movies Collide

I'd be surprised by now if you didn't know what Netflix was. I'd be less surprised if you didn't know what the Netflix Book Tag was. If you have read any of my book tags before (read my This or That book tag here) then you will sort know how this goes. Below will be some questions and I will answer them. Afterward I will tag someone else to take part.


R.S.V.P. A Novel – Book Blog Tour

Welcome to the book blog tour for R.S.V.P. A Novel, written by Ruchira Khana. Below I will be discussing the details of the book, give you a sneak peak into the book, tell you my thoughts, and give you the details to getting yourself one of two $5.00 Amazon gift cards that are up for grabs.