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What I Do When I’m Not Reading (21 Hobby List Ideas)

I love to read. I love building my book collection more. But, I do a lot more than just thumbing through pages endlessly. I thought it would be fun to share with you what I do when I’m not reading and also provide you some hobby list ideas I came up with. It’s nothing original but it will be a mix of what I like to do and some things I would like to do.
When I’m not reading, I like to be outside. I love to go on walks, get in the car and go somewhere, swim, hang out with my boyfriend, draw/paint, and listen to music. My boyfriend and I joke that I’m like a dog because of how much I like to go on walks and get in the car to go places. I think it’s hilarious, but really who doesn’t like to get outside at least some of the time?

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