Find all the book-related posts you could ever need. Fellow bookworms, you will see book reviews, book tags, book lists, and posts about books. My personal favorites are the book tours and book tags. I would consider myself to be a bookworm, but I have found that every bookworm is different. Maybe you are just looking for your next read. That works perfectly well because I have so many suggestions for you! Maybe you just like talking about books. If that is the case, then no worries because I love talking about books too. Whatever it is you are looking for, I have it. If I don’t, then I encourage you to reach out to me in the comments or via my contact page and I will be sure to add in what you want to see!

Not a bookworm yet? That’s awesome! Why you ask. Because one of the many reasons I started this blog was to increase the number of readers in this world. The more bookworms there are the better! If you don’t read much, I suggest starting out with some books that are shorter in length. Or, you could check out some of the books that I have rated 5/5 stars. Those are sure to catch your interest. The best way to become a bookworm or consistent reader is to find the genre you like the most. For many, that genre is fantasy, so you could always start by checking out that genre first. Hopefully, these suggestions have helped you to at least get started.

Happy reading fellow bookworms!

This or That Book Tag-Featured Image-Purple Shelf Club

This or That Book Tag

I found this idea on Pinterest. Book tags seem like a lot of fun so I thought why not give it a go! I found this tag from Jenn at Bound to Writing, so give them a read too. Without further ado, here is the “This or That” Book tag:

Blood of Elves- It Will Leave You In Suspenseful Curiosity

Blood of Elves- You’ll Be Curious To Read More

Blood of Elves while labeled as the first book is not actually the first in the 8 novel series. It is merely the first of the main story. Had I paid attention I would have realized this. It’s actually the first of the 8 that I read. Now that I know the true order of the books I am backtracking and will read them in the correct order. If you would like to do the same I will spare you from making the same mistake. The order is as follows: