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Why Traveling is Important

I hope my fellow travel bugs are doing well! This post is dedicated to you. However, this post is also for those of you interested in travel. Today I wanted to talk about the importance of travel. What? Traveling is important? you say. Well, yes, and for several reasons too. Today I am going to attempt to speak on several of the reason why I believe it is important for people to travel.

Guest Post: 10 Best Places To Visit In Amsterdam

Have you ever craved to immerse yourself into a unique experience of natural wonders, history, and cultural heritage? Amsterdam is an answer to your willful desire to quench your wanderlust soul. The capital city of the Netherlands in Europe is a remarkable example of historical extravaganza coupled with Mother Nature’s extraordinary beauty. I want to introduce your travel freak minds into some of the fabulous and best places to visit in Amsterdam.

What I Do When I’m Not Reading (21 Hobby List Ideas)

I love to read. I love building my book collection more. But, I do a lot more than just thumbing through pages endlessly. I thought it would be fun to share with you what I do when I’m not reading and also provide you some hobby list ideas I came up with. It’s nothing original but it will be a mix of what I like to do and some things I would like to do.
When I’m not reading, I like to be outside. I love to go on walks, get in the car and go somewhere, swim, hang out with my boyfriend, draw/paint, and listen to music. My boyfriend and I joke that I’m like a dog because of how much I like to go on walks and get in the car to go places. I think it’s hilarious, but really who doesn’t like to get outside at least some of the time?

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