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Is Dead Woman Scorned A Killer Novel?

I received a copy of this book, Dead Woman Scorned from the author, Michael Clark to review but I was not financially compensated in any way. The opinions expressed are my own, are honest, and are based on my observations while reading this novel.

Are you as excited as I am about this next leg of the author Michael Clark’s multi-book tour? It wouldn’t be Halloween without books like these. This time I am thrilled to share Dead Woman Scorned (The Patience of a Dead Man Book 2). Mildred is back and she’s looking for vengeance!

I am in love with this book series, so I can’t wait to continue on this tour with you. I will go over who the author is and my thoughts on the book itself. Does the thrill continue from the first book? Is Dead Woman Scorned A Killer Novel? Or does it fall flat? I’m going to be answering these questions so that way you know if this book series is for you!

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Dead Woman Scorned by Author Michael Clark book cover
  • Dead Woman Scorned
  • The Patience Of A Dead Man Book 2
  • Michael Clark
  • Horror/ Ghost Story
  • November 12th, 2019
  • Paperback

She’s back, and they’ll regret what they’ve done. Mildred Wells had a miserable life that carried over to a lonesome death. In the end, they betrayed her–played her the fool. She was the last to know, but there’s still time to catch up. She’ll formulate her painful plan as they live their lives in blissful ignorance. With no more family, only vengeance drives her; in fact, it’s all she has. She would have rather rested in peace, but for Mildred, dying isn’t so easy

About The Author Michael Clark

photo of author Michael Clark

Michael Clark was raised in New Hampshire and lived in the house The Patience of a Dead Man is based. The bats really circled the rafters of the barn all day long, and there really was a grove hidden in the forest. He now lives in Massachusetts with his wife Josi and his dog Bubba.

The Patience of a Dead ManDead Woman Scorned Anger is an Acid are his first three novels.

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The author, Michael Clark was kind enough to write a short guest post for you. Let’s look and see what he had to say.

Guest Post by Michael Clark

“FEAR minus DEATH equals FUN.”

I didn’t write that. I saw it on Disney+, in fact, on a show called “The Imagineering Story.” It’s a documentary about how Walt Disney and his employees designed the Disney parks, including the thrill rides.  “FEAR minus DEATH equals FUN” was their approach to creating many of the rides, including roller coasters like Space Mountain.

My name is Michael Clark, and I subscribe to that theory. I love a good ghost story as long as it’s not gratuitously morbid–I want to feel the hair rise on the back of my neck. Do horror stories scare you away? I don’t want to do that. Instead, I want to give you a thrill like the adrenalin rush of a good roller coaster—don’t worry, when it’s over, you’ll be safe and sound.

I like eerie, and I like chilling. I love ghosts as opposed to monsters or demons. Do bad things happen in my books? Sure, but no more than you might read in a crime novel, and it’s never for the sake of vulgarity. Did you like the movie The Sixth Sense, or maybe Silence of the Lambs? That’s what I’m going for—a top-notch thriller that could stand with these great stories. Did I achieve my goal? That’s for you to decide. Just know that you’re not getting a slasher or teen horror, you’re getting psychological horror wrapped into a ghost story-mystery with a twist or two. Thanks for your time!


Luckily for you, the author, Michael Clark gave me an excerpt so you can see a piece of Dead Woman Scorned for yourself. Take a second to read the excerpt and form your own thoughts before I get into what my thoughts were. The excerpt is of the prologue to the book, so there are no spoilers! But you absolutely should read book 1 before getting into book 2 of the Patience Of A Dead Man Series.


October 1971—One year before the Open House

(at the end of The Patience of a Dead Man, Book One)

Tim Russell banged his palm against the steering wheel in frustration—he’d forgotten his wallet. He wondered for a second if he really needed it before tomorrow, then looked at the gas gauge—near empty. Not even enough gas to make it to Holly’s house in Laconia. He stepped on the brake and pulled over to the side of the dirt road to make a U-turn, then hesitated.

It shouldn’t be a problem—to simply turn around, drive the quarter-mile back, walk into the house and retrieve the wallet—but it was undeniably harrowing even though their struggles with the murderous Mildred Wells were over. They’d beaten her, and she’d been taken away weeks ago, but even so, Tim’s stress level was off the charts as he worked alone each day, watching over his shoulder, restoring the old house as fast as he possibly could.

He looked back before making the turn, his heart picking back up to the level it had maintained the entire day. Here I go–I’m going back in, he thought, as he postponed thoughts of the cold beer waiting for him at the convenience store a mile down the road. Best to hit and run. He stepped on the gas and made the turn, never taking his eyes off of the house and, more specifically, the turret, his designated office space during the reconstruction–the room where he’d left his wallet.

In seconds he was inside the front porch, opening the front door, faking as though there was nothing to be afraid of. Once inside, he noticed that it seemed very dark in the kitchen. It was late May, and the longest day of the year would be here in less than a month. Sunset should be at around 8 pm today, with the twilight keeping things well lit for another half-hour at least. Strange. He turned to look out the kitchen window.

It was pitch black outside, and his truck was already gone.

In a panic, he spun for the porch, deep down, becoming aware that forgetting his wallet was the greatest mistake of his life. The smell hit him right then, and he wondered why he hadn’t noticed it sooner. The front door was closed and locked, even though he’d left it open on purpose. He grabbed the knob and began to work it when three flies landed on his hand and wrist. No. She must be close. Tim turned to the dark dining room to protect his back. Mildred Wells stood in the far corner, motionless.

Book Review

Dead Woman Scorned-inside page-purple shelf club

As I started into book two, I hoped that Dead Woman Scorned would not be a disappointing continuation of Tim, Holly, and Mildred’s story. The author left me a message at the beginning of the book stating “Here she comes again!”. From his excitement, I knew the book could only get better.

The book is not a direct continuation from the end of The Patience of a Dead Man. Instead, the author, Michael Clark, took a step back and started with an origin story if you will of Mildred’s childhood leading up to the present day of the end of the first book. I was very pleased with this because when I had finished reading the first novel; it left me feeling undeniably curious about Mildred’s story.

This book did not disappoint in providing that story! Because we are taken back in time, several new characters are introduced. But before I go any further, please note that this review is of the second book of the series. As such, I may give spoiler details from the first book. To avoid this, please read my review of the first book, The Patience of a Dead Man. I highly encourage you to start this series if you have not already done so!

Initial Thoughts

As I said, I was really excited going into this book and I got even more excited when I found out that I, as a reader, would be getting to know Mildred a little more. When the story started, I wondered if reading her story would make me change my mind about her. Would I sympathize wither her? Would I condone her behavior from the first book? Who would I see as good and bad in this series?

The only way to find out was to keep reading, so I did. In the first book, she is beyond creepy and while clearly distressed, her motives seem evil and unwavering at best. This time around her motives become much more clear.

I sympathized with her past. However, I still do not condone her behavior from the first book OR this book. Her relentlessness, if anything, increased in this book. She has a flair for the dramatics and is by the far the best killer I have ever heard of.

Any serial killer you have heard of would not compare to the mastermind of Mildred Wells. In the first book, it was discovered that she killed several people, and it was only at the end that we discovered that she was a revenant. I thought this was an interesting twist that explained a lot of her behavior. This book goes on to explain and show the true power that a revenant can have. Some may envy that kind of power, some may fear. Luckily, to the best of modern-day knowledge, it isn’t a possibility to be a revenant.

New Characters Come To Play

As I stated earlier, some new characters are introduced. There are more revenants, a cult leader, another Simmons family member, and more. What I loved is that their importance carried through the whole novel. I never felt like characters were just thrown in. Everyone played a role, and somehow they are all tied together.

There is one family that is thrown into the mix, completely separate from Tim and Holly. I won’t give any details about them as I don’t want to give away any spoilers. However, I will still attempt to tell you my thoughts.

When they were introduced to the story, I thought they must somehow be related to the story. Maybe they would get into an altercation with Mildred, or maybe they knew the Simmons family somehow. I wasn’t quite sure, but I desperately wanted to know!

Their importance kept growing and finally by the end I was able to deduce that they will most likely play a big role in the third book (by the way, if you read this book, you’ll it didn’t take much for me to come to this conclusion). I can’t wait to throw myself into the third book to see if I’m right.

What I loved about this family is the curiosity behind them. I still don’t know the importance behind them, but I know something is there. Hopefully, that makes sense to you guys!

Tim Can’t Catch A Break!

So, if you read the first book (and hopefully you did), you would know that Tim is divorced and on the verge of bankruptcy. Mildred threw a wrench in his plans, so he wasn’t able to fix up the house he bought at the speed he wanted to. Now, with the supposed knowledge that she is gone, his only hope is to catch up, get the house fixed up, sell it, and climb himself out of the gutter.

Unfortunately, it seems the cards are against him. His ex-wife, the Simmons family member, and of course, Mildred (without his knowledge) are all pining against him. I kept thinking Gosh, he just wants to sell the house! Sadly for him, it just won’t be that easy. There are constant twists and turns to this novel straight through to the end.

The Change in Point of View

I liked the change of the point of view as well. Last time, the majority of the point of view was through Tim’s and Holly’s eyes. The reader knew what they knew.

This time, the reader gets to see through multiple people’s eyes and I think this leads to a much more interesting book. If I had only seen through Tim and Holly’s eyes, then I would have felt blindsided. I would have felt like a big chunk of information was missing, and I may have not understood why things were happening the way they were.

I appreciated the change in point of view because it gave for a clearer understanding of the story. It also allowed me to know more about what was going on than either Tim or Holly knew. This gave a whole new wave of feelings. One of which was anticipation of how Tim and Holly would react.

Star Rating

dead woman scorned star rating pin

So, same as for the first book, I am giving Dead Woman Scorned a 5-star rating. It has been a while since I have been desperately hooked on a book series. Every time I stopped reading this book I was excited to tell my boyfriend all about it. All I could keep saying was, It’s getting soooo good.

Of course, he would just snicker and laugh at me because he isn’t a huge book reader. Either way, I find that the fact that I can’t stop telling people about this series is reason enough to give it such a good rating. I have one of my good friends reading the first book right now, so I can’t wait to hear her thoughts when she’s finished with it. If I can, I’ll let you guys know of her reactions compared to my own.

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What makes this tour extra special is that it’s part 2 of 3! This book is the second in a trilogy, best read as one big, terrifying story!

Here are the details for the last tour!

Anger is Acid (The Patience of a Deadman #3): November 30th – December 4th. Be sure to keep up with me and read the first two books before I review the final of the trilogy. I promise you won’t be disappointed because this series is shaping up to be my current favorite.

Giveaway: To win print copies of the entire trilogy (US Only), or a print copy of The Patience of a Dead Man (International), click the link below!

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Let’s Talk About It!

For me, I can’t wait to get into book 3. I hope it is 5 stars worthy as well but who knows! I would love to know if you guys have read the first book or if you plan too. If you have read the first one already then I strongly encourage you to continue the series and read Dead Woman Scorned. Let me know what your thoughts on the first book are and if you plan to read book 2 in the comments below!

With love,

Alexis M.

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