Welcome authors and bookworms! You want to know about this monthly contest right? Well, I will tell you! Each month authors can submit one of their books to be voted on. At the end of the month, the winner will receive honest reviews for that book by everyone who has voted. This is the quick synopsis though, so please keep reading for the full details and rules.

This Months Theme!

It was pointed out to me by my significant other that I should go by a theme each month. I thought this was an excellent idea so that’s exactly what I’m going to do! This month’s theme is….drum roll please…romance! Please take part in the survey and let me know what genre next months theme should be.

What genre should October’s Monthly Contest be?
Romance (again)
Historical Fiction
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Every month I am accepting book submissions to be put into the vote. Each month will have a different theme. I will randomly select 10 books out of all the submissions to be voted on by voters. To enter all you have to do is agree to the following:

  • Fill out the submission form completely
  • Agree to take part in the voting
  • Do not vote for your own book
  • Agree to provide a free digital copy to the people who voted for your book and to all the authors who submitted a book to be voted on. This is so that they can read and review your book
  • Agree to review the winner’s book if you are not the winner and if you voted for the winning book

If you break these rules then you will no longer be entered into the contest.


Every month in the last week of the month voting will be open. At this time I am only accepting the first 200 votes (this may change to a bigger number in the future). At the end of the week, the winner will be announced. A digital copy of the book would then be emailed to the first 50 voters who voted for the winning book. In order to vote you must agree to the following:

  • Fill out the voting form completely
  • Do not vote for more than one book
  • Agree to leave an honest review of the winner’s book on Amazon, Goodreads, or your own blog

If you break these rules then your votes will no longer be included. Authors are free to email me at [email protected] if they discover that someone has not left a review.

Voting will open the last week of August. And a link to view all books will be posted here on August 24th. Voting will be closed at midnight on August 31st.

To the Winner Of The Monthly Contest

Monthly Contest-Purple Shelf Club

The winner of the monthly contest will be announced on the first of the month after all voting has been submitted. I will email you (the winner) asking for the digital copy of your book. I will also ask for your social media links and website link. You will be provided the list of first names of the authors who also submitted a book and the first names of the people who voted for your book. In addition to this, you will be told where they plan to leave the review. This is so that you know how many reviews to expect.

After I receive the necessary information from you, I will email all the voters who the winner is and provide your social media links and website link. All those who will review your book will also receive your free digital copy. All those who will not leave a review (those who did not vote for your book) will receive a link to purchase your book.

I will also put your name and book on a separate page that announces each month’s winners so that everyone can look at all previous winners. This page will be available starting in September 2020.

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