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Q& A With Author T.M. Caruana

I hope all is well my fellow book lovers. I love doing interviews (check out my first ever interview with John D. Pepe) because it gives me the chance to dive into the minds of world creators. Plus, you get a chance to learn more about some amazing authors! Speaking of amazing authors, I had the chance to interview Therese Caruana (a.k.a T.M. Caruana). She has written several books (fantasy genre and children’s books), but she has a new one coming out and it’s available for pre-order right now! If you don’t know who T.M. Caruana is, you most certainly will by the end of this post.

About The Author’s Upcoming Novel

Before I go on to the lovely interview, I thought it only suiting that you know a little bit about what she writes. Particularly, her new upcoming release. The book is called At The Kingdoms Fold and is Book 1 of Sword and Sorcery. Here is a little summary for you.

T.M. Caurana book cover of At the Kingdoms' Fold

A furious King crusades across land and sea, seeking the Queen he was promised after she escaped him. Slaughtering her people, the High Priestess’ family and an entire lineage of women who were said to be personally blessed by their God, Virun, the King managed to abolish the Vrasur People and the threat from the great magical powers they possessed.

Meanwhile, a woman who is unaware of her importance, dwells in the kingdoms’ fold. Torn out of her nurse’s arms as a child, she was told to learn all she could about the seventh daughter’s seventh daughter and the Three Ring Ritual necessary to channel the blessing and an enormous power source from Virun.

In the pivotal time and in the greatest hour to behold, 

the seventh daughter’s seventh daughter will unfold.

Excerpt From At The Kingdoms Fold

T.M. Caurana banner

The author, T.M. Caruana, was kind enough to provide me with an excerpt from the book. So I am going to share it with you!

Liam walked up to her and ripped Mimer’s reins out of her hand. “Rea, you aren’t joining the cavalry with me.”

“I am.”

“You have no battle training.”

“Nor do many of the other Militiamen.”

“I’ll tell Thorer. He won’t allow it.”

“Be my guest. He’s up there in the southwest round tower,” she said and pointed at the tower with the view of a miniscule man in the far distance. Thorer was out of reach for Liam to be able to converse about the matter. 

A hammering started and refocused Liam’s attention to the gates. The iron-tipped battering ram was rhythmically clashing over the iron yett, bending it with every other impact. The wall next to it shook and gravel and grit fell to the ground at what Liam assumed was a boulder hitting the wall from the outside.Liam looked at Rea. “There is no time to argue. Sit up on your horse soldier.”

“Yes, Sir,” she answered triumphantly and mounted Aramis.

I love fantasy as you can probably tell by the vast majority of books that I talk about and review. So, it’s pretty safe to assume that my interest has been piqued. But hold on to your horses because after the interview, I will tell you about the giveaway associated with this novel.

On to the Interview!

Alright, on to what you came here for. I got the chance to ask T.M. Caruana some questions. Let’s see what her answers were.

You are work in finance and you are an author. What does your work schedule look like?

I’m a former Head of Finance, but now I work as a self-employed Finance Consultant for a small portfolio of clients. Also having two young children, my schedule is jammed packed with everything from board conference calls, accounting services, ballet lessons, house chores and of course a few moments of writing. This is a perfect set up for me as I’m a person who enjoys doing too much rather than too little.

How long does it take you to write a book?

This depends on the genre. I spend considerably more time on the Epic Fantasy stories than I do on the Paranormal Romances, as I believe the reader for these genres reads to satisfy different needs.

A Paranormal Romance takes me about two months to plot and write whilst I’m still in the process of outlining my upcoming Epic Fantasy which I started planning in January 2019. I have been detailing every detail from the characters ticks and quirks to the subplots and seasonal time zones in a booklet that I keep close to hand. I would expect this story to also take longer to write and edit as it will have a significantly larger word count.

What inspired you to write Sword and Sorcery?

I have always considered the Medieval Times to be a great setting for a Romantic story with honor and bravery being at its forefront. I like the idea of quests and that there aren’t any electronics that speed up and make relationships impersonal. Magic is a must if I’m going to escape into another world, or I could just stay in the one I live in with my amazing family.

The reason for this particular book was due to a dream my mother woke up from one day and as she called me on Skype, she told me she had dreamt up an entire book during the night. I said, go for it, and she wrote down the milestones she had, and I filled in the rest. We have shared such lovely times over discussions about this story and I really hope she will tell me what she thinks the characters will do next.

You have written several books, which one is your favorite?

Ooooh, that’s like having to decide which of your children you like the best. Impossible. I love all my books the same but in different ways.

book by T.M. Caurana

The Eternal Quest Breaker Series was my first baby and it has a complex plot which I find is enthralling and, in a way, a little like if the Sixth Sense and the Lord of the Rings had a baby.

book by T.M. Caurana

I like the fresh and feisty female characters in the Prophesied Sorcerer Series, and they make easy evening reads.

book by T.M. Caurana

The Last Wolf Fae is a wolf-shifter story which taps into some political topics about saving nature, which I feel is important, blended with criminal suspense and romance.

book by T.M. Caurana

The Arakzeon City is a Dystopian Fantasy where I had Romeo and Juliet as my inspiration, so that’s a classic love story with forbidden love and rivalry.

book by T.M. Caurana

Then I have a novella, DrakElla, which is a cool half witch/half vampire supernatural detective chasing bad guys without revealing her identity to her crush, who would kill her if he found out who she was.

I have also just finished At the Kingdoms’ Fold, with my mother which, if you like Outlander is a book you’d like.

Hey guys it’s me popping in the middle of the interview because she just referenced Outlander. Outlander is my favorite t.v. show of all time and I can’t wait to have the books. So, if she is right in saying that if I or you like Outlander, that we will like her book At the Kingdoms’ Fold, well, then I am sold. Okay, back to her answers.

Perhaps I can at least admit that my favorite part of all the books is in Symmetry when Tarus is in agony because Susy has forgotten their love and how he knows he needs to stay away from her…at least until she remembers who she is and then it is up to her, as he doesn’t care if the world sees its doom as long as he can be with her.

What was one of the most surprising things you learned when writing and publishing your books?

Not sure if I found anything surprising…perhaps how easy it was to self-publish online. Everything is so automatic and simple nowadays. I have also gained a lot of new author friends all over the world which was unexpected and how much we have in common when discussing the writing process and books.

What do you think makes a good story?

A tricky dilemma whose result can result in the destruction of the world. A quest of quirky followers trying to overcome the darkness and overstepping the boundary into the forbidden, especially forbidden love.

What is your favorite book that you have not written?

I really enjoyed the Wizard’s First Rule by Terry Goodkind. It has those elements of forbidden love, prophecies and a dark lord trying to control the land of the living.

Do you have any advice to those who are writing their first book?

I believe I gained most of my knowledge for writing because I read a lot. So that would be my advice. Read a lot to ensure you pick a genre to write in that you enjoy.

Do you like writing books for children or adults more?

The children’s books I write are only because I want to inspire my daughter to be creative and enjoy reading and learning. They’re her books, her stories, her paintings and her profits (Which she spends on sweets and toys). I love spending time with her as she paints the images and tells me about her imagination, but I do like the adult fantasy stories more on a personal level.

Who is your favorite character in Sword and Sorcery?

In my upcoming Sword and Sorcery book,  At the Kingdoms’ Fold, I like the two main characters, a couple struggling to find time for each other in times of war and both faithful to their duties, even though they are very different. If I weren’t able to answer the protagonist, then I would say Queen Elvi of Orvka, as I like her dry humor, her elegance and haughtiness.

Quick Answer Questions!

Interviews are no fun in my mind without some quick questions with some quick answers. Let’s get into it!

If you could no longer write in the fantasy genre, what genre would you choose next?


If your book was to be made into a movie, what celebrities would you have star in it?

I’d love to see Kellan Lutz play Liam, Tabrett Bethell to play Kate and perhaps Jessica Alba for Queen Elvi.

What was your favorite part about writing the first book of Sword and Sorcery?

Bravery and war

Are you an avid reader or do you like to write more?

I am an avid reader and also have my book review channel on YouTube.

Describe yourself in 3 words, then describe Sword and Sorcery in 3 words.

Kind, ambitious, imaginative

Honor, Horses, Weapons

Preorder and Giveaway of At the Kindoms’ Fold!

T.M. Caurana giveaway banner

At last we have reached the end of the interview. What did you think? I enjoyed it a lot because T.M. Caruana’s answered were unfiltered and thorough. I feel like I got to know more about her, her writing style, and At the Kingdoms’ Fold all in one swing. Hopefully you feel the same way! If you’d like to learn more about her and her books you can check out her website.

Luckily for all of us the book is available for pre-order right now at a very affordable price. Not only that, but she has a giveaway going on where you have the chance of winning a free copy of the ebook! The giveaway started yesterday but no worries because you still have a chance to enter until August 15th (I entered into the giveaway by the way).

Let’s Talk About It!

I have yet another book that excites me. Come back here and tell me if you won the giveaway. I am usually not so lucky when I enter giveaways so I’d love to know who won! Let’s chat in the comments below. What’s your favorite genre?

With love,

Alexis M.

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