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What Would It Feel Like To

  • know with absolute certainty that your book is written well?
  • know who would read your book, and the overall thoughts a person would have while reading your book?
  • have a book with no mistakes or plot holes?
  • be proud of your book?
  • publish an incredible story that readers won’t soon forget?

My book evaluations and developmental edits can make that possible. Let me show you how!

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I Help Authors Write Unforgettable Fiction By Editing Their Stories

My goal is to help self-publishing authors like you create an unforgettable story. I want your book to be publish-ready. Let’s work together to make self-published authors indistinguishable to their fellow traditionally published authors!

Editor and owner of Purple Shelf Club

About Me

I am a book blogger and devoted bookworm who believes that curiosity drives passion. I love to learn, travel, and read. My fellow readers love to travel by the page and so do I! I love promoting books new and old. Discovering hidden treasures and sharing that with my readers is so much fun to me. Most of all, here at the Purple Shelf Club, I help writers by editing their stories and I help readers to find those stories.

Why I Provide These Services

I started editing when I realized that so many self-published authors were struggling with getting their books into the hands of readers. These authors were looking to their friends and family for editing help or asking for feedback in forums on Reddit and Goodreads. But they weren’t really getting the quality driven help they needed. As a result, self-published authors are getting a bad rep. Book bloggers and readers won’t even give these authors a chance because they know the book won’t be written as well as their traditionally published counterparts. So, I am changing that by providing my editing services.

My Editing Services Are Your Solution!

Book Evaluation

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A book evaluation is a combination of things. Imagine a manuscript evaluation meets beta reading, meets personalized book review. I know, that’s so much! Basically, it is a professional evaluation and critique of your story. I look at grammar, spelling, writing style, plot, pace, and more.

You don’t have to worry about if your story is boring, or slow, or hard to read. A book evaluation is an efficient way of letting you know if your story is readable, enjoyable, and ultimately, publish-ready.

If you want to know where you stand with your novel, this is the route to take.

Developmental Edit

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Developmental editing is a structural edit, and it is the first professional edit that you should have done. Imagine putting a black light in a room. You see things you didn’t before, right?

That’s kind of what developmental editing is like. I’m your black light. I will find all of your problems and explain to you what and where they are so you can go in and refine it.

As an author, you need help to make your story the best it can absolutely be. That is what developmental edits are there to do.

The Combo

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You can get the best of both worlds when you have me provide a book evaluation and developmental edit. By combining the two, you get an extremely in-depth view from both the reader’s and editor’s point of view.

After this combo is complete, you will have very little left to do in getting your book publish-ready.

Here’s How It Works

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Step 1

You submit a request for me to edit your book. I send you some onboarding emails to get you acquainted with the editing journey we are about to go on.

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Step 2

I edit your book, making as many helpful comments and suggestions as I can. Then, I write out a full book report analyzing the key elements of your book.

Step 3 icon

Step 3

You receive my completed edit and book report. You make the changes you agree with and make a note of questions you have along the way.

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Step 4

I answer any of your final questions and give you your next steps so that way you know what to do next. That’s it! You now have an incredible book!

My Editing Process

For book evaluations, I do the following:

  • Light editing
  • Provide in-depth comments on what works and what doesn’t
  • Provide insight from the reader’s point of view
  • Give end-of-chapter notes
  • Tell you where to improve writing style where needed
  • Provide a book report
  • Offer personalized next steps

For developmental edits, I focus on:

  • Story structure and plot
  • Character development
  • Genre and theme
  • Point of view
  • Writing quality
  • Finding errors or inconsistencies
  • Clarity and fluidity
  • Giving suggestions to improve the content
  • Researching on topics as needed
  • Offer personalized next steps

For both services (or the combo), I provide a book report that addresses:

  • Opening
  • Storyline
  • Characters
  • Dialogue
  • World-building
  • Writing Style and Quality
  • What audience the book is best suited for
  • Ending
  • Star Rating


Your Publish-Ready Book Is Just One Edit Away. Don’t Wait Another Second To Make It A Reality!

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