Story Ideas For Writers Who Need A Boost

170+ Story Ideas For Writers Who Need A Boost

Have you hit writer’s block? That’s okay, it happens to everyone. I’m going to get you out of that slump with 170+ story ideas for writers like you, who just need a nudge in the right direction. I have compiled a list of story ideas for writers of 7 different genres. If you write in the following genres, then this list is for you.

  1. Fantasy
  2. Mystery
  3. Horror
  4. Romance
  5. Science Fiction
  6. Historical Fiction
  7. Dystopian

And to make it easy for you to reference, just scroll to the bottom of this post. I have compiled the list into an easy to reference PDF. This way you always have it when you are experiencing writer’s block.

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Fantasy Story Ideas For Writers

a castle and a boat in the water
Photo by Artem Sapegin on Unsplash
  1. The story is about dragon’s right at the turn of extinction. They are scared and decide to go into hiding in underground caves. You can decide if they survive and have been in hiding this whole time, or if they were found and wiped out. This could be told from the point of view of one dragon or from a third-person point of view.
  2. In order to become a sorceress, you have to be put into a dangerous situation. This activates a person’s magical abilities and is the origin of how magic was discovered. It is easier to activate one’s powers if they are purebred(meaning both parents are sorcerers) however it is much riskier for someone who is not purebred. The story takes place in any world or time period of your choosing. You can choose a male or female lead role. The main character is not purebred. When put into a dangerous situation, their powers do ignite, but something goes wrong and they get separated from their colony/family/community. The story is of them desperately trying to find their way back while also managing their new powers.
  3. Humans live among magical creatures. The story is told from the point of view of a human who has no magical abilities of any kind.
  4. Pixies are spies for kingdoms all over the world. But, unbeknownst to the kingdoms, all pixies communicate and control what happens in each kingdom. They are the ones who control who goes to war and when by influencing their perspective kingdoms.
  5. Trolls are born from the ground. There have only ever been male trolls. One day, a female troll is born. She has the unordinary ability to transform into a human at will. It took her entire childhood to figure it out, but now she understands the ability perfectly. Trolls do not interact with humans. They do not agree, so both sides leave each other alone. The female is a curious one, though, and ventures into the human world.
  6. The story takes place right after a defining battle between two countries/species. One side wins, and the other loses devastatingly. Choose one side and tell their story.
  7. Someone has the ability to travel back in time. But they can only travel back into past memories of people that they know. This person can not travel back into their own past memories. This person has kept it a secret for their entire lives, even though they have almost got caught a few times. To their knowledge, no one else has this ability. That is, until they meet someone in a memory doing the same thing.
  8. A treasure hunter is joined with a dwarf with spy-like stealth. They travel through portals going on amazing adventures.
  9. Your own origin story of centaurs.
  10. Tell the story from the point of view of someone who is imprisoned. They are telling the other prisoners their story.
  11. Two best friends (who don’t fall in love) learn the art of magic together.
  12. A mage starts out very powerful. Magic takes energy, but it becomes addictive, and the mage goes mad trying to control their addiction. They isolate themselves inside a mountain. The story is told from their point of view. Hope could be entered into the story if, for example, someone finds them by accident.
  13. A man is known for his cunning skills. A king forces him to use his skills in order to stop a war from happening with another kingdom.
  14. Your character lives in two worlds. Real-life and a dream world. The dream world can only be accessed by falling asleep, which is why the character calls it this. Their spirit transports them into another world when they fall asleep.
  15. There is a world that looks very much like a garden. Trees and plants are ginormous and beautiful. But they can retaliate. When they feel threatened.
  16. Your character inherits a key. They don’t know what it fits into. On their quest to find out, they discover the key opens portals. It is a key to other worlds.
  17. A writer wants to tell a story of a magical creature (could be human or non-human) of some kind. But they want to be a part of the story. They follow a creature and in a journalistic(or diary-like) fashion, write about the adventures they witness.
  18. Tell the story of a human who created the first bestiary.
  19. An archeologist is on an expedition when they get thrown back in time and realize that humans were not the only “intelligent” creatures on earth.
  20. A shipwreck starts the story off. Dolphins and whales help the humans to keep them alive in the middle of the ocean. This is the origin story of mermaids.
  21. The Bermuda triangle is actually where many fantastical creatures live, both in the ocean and on a large island in the middle of the triangle. The triangle is a border that the magical creatures can’t escape.
  22. A spy working for one kingdom must infiltrate another kingdom. He is meant to observe, not interact. He falls in love with the princess of the opposing kingdom without ever having spoken to her.
  23. A mute man can tell the future. But because he cannot speak, he does it by painting.
  24. The life story of a boy becoming a blacksmith when the odds are against him.
  25. A slave set in medieval times becomes a knight
  26. A woman is imprisoned while she is pregnant. She gives birth in the prison. However, because of what the mother did, the child grows up in the prison and has never been outside of the cell. That is, until the war begins and the prisoners are set free.
  27. A world full of flora and fauna
  28. A government hold’s many secrets. One of them being that creatures other than humans exist. They are kept underground and are very closely monitored.
  29. The fountain of youth exists, but it doesn’t work alone. A flower must be in the water while someone drinks it for it to work. A group of friends work to find this flower and to finally put the fountain to the test.
  30. Fire has as many magical abilities as water. Even more so when the two are combined.

Mystery Story Ideas For Writers

a man in a field full of fog
Photo by Elijah Hail on Unsplash
  1. A detective can remember every conversation he ever has. But this is not evidence. This story tells of a case where he knows who the criminal is but must find a way to prove it.
  2. A box full of a woman’s diaries is found in the attic of a 200-year-old home. The new owner(s) read them. It largely tells of a woman in love with a man whom she was never able to love. It sounds endearing and heartbreaking at first until the truth is discovered. In reality, she was a madwoman. The man never loved her back and tried hard to escape her stalker-ish ways. The story is in trying to find out what the man’s point of view was.
  3. The story is told from the point of view of the antagonist. It is a murder/serial killer story. The police are desperate to find the criminal and lock him/her behind bars. The reader doesn’t know until the very end.
  4. A detective gets his wife involved in his new case. Later, he will regret he ever made that decision.
  5. The story takes place through the entirety of a court case. When new evidence is brought from either side, the reader gets to “see” what really happened. Basically, imagine being able to see snippets until the end of the hearings, and the reader is able to put it all together.
  6. A classic mystery where the reader doesn’t know who committed the crime. You write the story in such a way where you never solve but instead let the reader make their own decision when they finished reading the book.
  7. Take a real-life cold case and write your own version.
  8. A woman’s husband goes missing. After a year, the police give up on the search. She decides to find him herself.
  9. A political mystery about an assassination.
  10. In a graduate student’s history class, one topic doesn’t sit well. They choose that topic as their thesis and become obsessed with finding and revealing the truth.
  11. The detective solving a murder case is the murderer.
  12. The story of two kids who grew up to become cops. One of them gets accused of a crime, even though they are innocent.
  13. A hidden staircase within the walls of a home that has belonged to a family for generations is the key to solving this mystery.
  14. A mute investigator has never been taken seriously. However, they get a case that seemed like it would be solved rather quickly. That is until something in the paperwork caught the mute’s eyes.
  15. An obsessive man/woman calls in a crime for the murder of the woman/man he/she loves, but who did not love them back. This obsessive person helps the police to solve the crime. But, the more they find out, the more he becomes a suspect.
  16. A man has been the sheriff of a town for 30 years. Suddenly, people start acting differently. This story is about him finding out what changed the people of this small town.
  17. A mob works in secret. No one knows who they are, but they control an entire city. A young man just became a police officer and is excited to get the jump on his first moment of action. He is the first one to notice something suspicious and start digging into a mystery that will lead him to the mob.
  18. A burglar who is never caught on camera made the mistake of leaving something behind. The police can’t figure out if it was really a mistake or something the burglar left behind on purpose.
  19. Children in a boarding school are dying rapidly. There are no marks of struggle on any of the children, but it is happening too quickly to be ignored.
  20. A man lost his wife and child. Nothing is missing from their home indicating to him they did not run away. Yet the police insist after a year-long search that this is what happened. He knows how happy his family was and how in love he and his wife were. The police were ready to give up, but he wasn’t. He and his best friend since college go on the search for his family.
  21. A murderer is also a poet. He/she leaves a poem behind with each of his murders. The police force needs to find him/her, but in order to do that, they need to know why he/she leaves poems behind. This could be the clue to finding out who he/she really is.
  22. A child went missing 20 years ago. One cop has become obsessed with the cold case and will risk everything to find her.
  23. A powerful family has one of their own kidnapped and held for ransom. The kidnapper wants more than just money, and he provides a riddle for them to solve to find out what it is. He ups the stakes by giving them a time limit to figure out the riddle and provide him with what he wants.
  24. There is a mental asylum that holds people who aren’t mentally ill. It is a place powerful people put anyone who gets in their way. Most have gone insane because of how they have been treated and/or how long they have been in this “prison”. A police officer and his wife stumble upon it when they go camping. Something doesn’t sit right with the wife, and she insists her husband look into it.
  25. A killer snake is wreaking havoc in a city. No one can find it, but they do know it travels through pipes.
  26. People claim a train leads to a city that doesn’t exist. One detective who is curious by nature decides to figure out the truth behind this “magical” train.
  27. In a crime scene, someone left strange footprints behind. No one can identify what kind of footprints they are.
  28. Someone is cutting people’s tongues out but leaving them alive. One of these people is a good drawer and is able to put a picture to this dangerous man. The problem is the only revealing factor about the man are his eyes.
  29. A series of mysterious articles in a newspaper keeps getting printed. No one knows who is writing them and how they are making it to print. Even stranger, these articles start appearing in multiple newspapers all across the city.
  30. A map with a note is left on the sheriff’s desk. It claims to lead to the location of several children who were kidnapped over the span of several years.

Horror Story Ideas For Writers

a clown
Photo by Robert Zunikoff on Unsplash
  1. A psychiatrist is sent to help a woman whose family is concerned about her. Her husband died suddenly, and she hasn’t been the same since.
  2. A group of tourists go on a hike through the woods. These woods are said to be haunted, but none of the tourists believe the tales. They just like the story.
  3. A man gets caught in a tornado and ends up in the middle of nowhere. He finally finds a house, but he’ll wish he hadn’t.
  4. People get onto a seemingly normal flight to Jamaica. Most are headed there for a vacation, some are returning home, and a few are going for business. However, this is not a normal flight, and the pilot does not intend on landing in Jamaica.
  5. There is a woman in the woods known as a witch. Really, she is a nocturnal cannibalist who pretends to be a witch. Anyone who dares to try to go in the woods at night has never made it out. The police believe it to be a legend because they have never found her. No one has gone in the woods for 20 years.
  6. A group of teenagers accidentally get transported into a parallel world where all the horror story creatures from the movies are real.
  7. There is a man whose favorite thing is blood. He tortures people slowly to get the most out of it. His addiction grows and soon people start fearing for their lives as no pattern can be found to who is selected.
  8. A couple talks to a fortune teller at a carnival just for fun. The fortune-teller suddenly gets very serious and urges them to leave town.
  9. A little girl is turned into a doll by a witch. The witch tells her that if she wants to become human again, she will have to kill a certain amount of people.
  10. A man loves horror stories. He knows them all, has read all the books and seen all the movies. A new book from his favorite author is released, and he immediately buys it. To his dismay, the book he selected was cursed. Anyone who reads it becomes the main character and the contents within it become all too real.
  11. A group of friends go out for a night of fun and drink a little too much. They wake up in a basement with no idea how they got there.
  12. Archaeologists make a grave discovery.
  13. A doctor locks down a hospital with no escape and no way to get in.
  14. A haunted house for adults. One of the actors isn’t pretending.
  15. A little kid really does have a monster under his/her bed.
  16. An active prison is haunted, and prisoners keep dying.
  17. A man wakes up with his tongue cut out and a note beside his bed. He has no memory of the previous night and is scared for his life.
  18. A woman gets ready for work, just like any other day. When she heads out, the door doesn’t open and she quickly realizes that she can’t leave her house.
  19. Someone tries to break the record for the longest time without falling asleep. Something within him changes. He never sleeps again, and he has gone insane.
  20. A woman gives birth to a possessed child who ages quickly.
  21. A woman brings her husband back to life. He seeks vengeance on the ones who killed him. After his first taste of blood, he can’t get enough. The only person he doesn’t kill is his wife.
  22. A woman has an obsession with burying people alive.
  23. A man kidnaps children. His form of torture is to find out their greatest fears and then make them face them. If they can’t overcome their fear, he kills them. He is a strong believer in the survival of the fittest.
  24. AI in a lab becomes too intelligent.
  25. Gargoyles become real once every 1000 years.
  26. An American flight has to emergency land in a war zone.
  27. Someone becomes trapped within the walls. No one can hear her, and she must get them to notice before she dies.
  28. A man grew up with his imaginary friend since he was five. What people don’t know is that this imaginary friend is a demon.
  29. A woman pretends to be an angel to lure children in.
  30. A town disappears from the map, but the people within it are still alive.

Romance Story Ideas For Writers

two doves in front of the eiffel tower
Photo by Fabrizio Verrecchia on Unsplash
  1. An arranged marriage where neither sees each other until the day of the wedding. One falls in love instantly where the other takes a while to warm up.
  2. An LGBTQ+ couple must hide their love in the 16th century (or whatever time period you choose).
  3. A woman was madly in love with her husband, and likewise. They considered each other soulmates. He dies unexpectedly, and she must fulfill her promise that they made to each other in the beginning. The promise was that if something was ever to happen to either of them, that the other would find happiness and move on. It takes her a very, very, very long time to find happiness again and to move on from his death. But she never thought she’d find another soulmate.
  4. A nerdy love story. It is not extraordinary. Just a cute love story of how two “nerds” fell in love.
  5. A man divorces his wife after they find out from the doctor that she can’t bear children. She is devastated and feels she is not worthy of love. Another man comes along and accepts that she can’t have children. He shows her what genuine love looks like. They could adopt, or not have children, or she could unexpectedly get pregnant. It’s up to you!
  6. A love story where a couple faces adultery. A husband thinks his wife cheated on him because he saw from a distance. The wife has a twin that she doesn’t know about. It was the twin that he saw, but nobody knows that.
  7. A husband and wife go through a traumatic experience. The wife becomes a mute as a result. The story is the husband’s journey to help his wife find happiness again.
  8. A mob boss is in love with money. But he must find a new love when an enemy burns more than half of his fortune to ashes.
  9. A man has been living on an island in solitude for 10 years when suddenly a ship wreck occurs nearby. Several passengers arrive on the island and eventually meet the man. The man falls in love with one passenger.
  10. A woman who “went crazy” after her husband’s death is sent to a psychiatric hospital. In the hospital she deals with the horrible acts of the nurses and doctors by escaping into her memories of her and her deceased husband.
  11. Two sex addicts have let their addiction get the better of them. They decide to seek help together.
  12. A woman is born into a cult. She grows up thinking everything going on is normal, has never questioned it, and has never been outside of the confines of the land the cult lives on. One day two new people “join” the cult. After a month, they kidnap the woman to ultimately bring down the cult. The woman and one of the men fall in love when he shows her all that the world truly has to offer.
  13. WWIII is now a reality. A man and woman newly married must separate as he is called to join in the fight. He gives her her favorite flower as a goodbye gift and promises he will return to her. The story follows her point of view with the flower holding major importance as a reminder of their love. When she receives news that he has become MIA, she holds on to the belief that he will return.
  14. Two store owners across the street from each other are competitors. Eventually, they become more than that.
  15. One woman has a connection to all women’s heartbreaks. When a true heartbreak between two soulmates occurs, tears fall from her eyes. When she captures those tears, she can see their story.
  16. The story of a man who can heal broken hearts with a single touch.
  17. A mother raises her child amidst the chaos of war.
  18. A story about a man or woman who learns to love themselves.
  19. Two people in a relationship get lost while hiking in Alaska. This is the story of them surviving.
  20. A man falls in love with a woman, and they have a great life together until she dies. He becomes destructive and eventually battles with suicidal thoughts. You can decide where this leads.
  21. A woman gives birth (not in the hospital) in the middle of a hurricane. The doctor who birthed the baby falls in love as he helps the new mother.
  22. The colder a woman’s heart becomes, the blacker her eyes become. This story could tell of one woman who was in love and how her eyes turned black. Or it could tell of how a woman’s eyes turned less and less black (through any form of love, doesn’t have to be a relationship).
  23. A boy and girl grow up together but this story is of their loving friendship throughout their life instead of them falling love with each other.
  24. Thier is a list that a man is compelled to write in red. He has no control over the names he writes. These names are of people that will die and there is seemingly no way to stop it. One day, he writes the name of a woman he is in love with.
  25. A couple with dementia remember only each other. They only know that they love each other and that they are married, but they can’t remember their story. They attempt to slowly recover the bits and pieces of how they met, lived their life etc., by writing it down in a book as they gather the pieces.
  26. A woman is in love with a man from her dreams. He consistently appears in her dreams, so much so that she believes he actually exists.
  27. A meet cute occurs on a bridge. Their relationship starts and ends on this bridge.
  28. A grandfather tells his grandchildren about him and his wife’s love story after she passes away.
  29. Soulmates are real, but what happens when a person can have multiple soulmates and that person meets them all at once?
  30. A woman is trapped in an escape room house that is purposely designed to be inescapable. She ends up living in the house for a year as she attempts to escape when someone new enters the house and shares the same fate as her.

Science Fiction Story Ideas For Writers

sci-fi looking scene
Photo by Rod Long on Unsplash
  1. Another Earth was discovered, and it isn’t Mars. This story is of the 100 settlers assigned to get there. The journey will take 3 generations. This could be a book series.
  2. Someone who lives in another galaxy dreams of traveling in space. Through an unfortunate event he gets to live his dream, just not the way he wanted to.
  3. A robot cobra is built and used to find and kill people who are on the most wanted list.
  4. The people of Earth have now successfully repopulated another planet. There are now people who live on Earth and people who live on this new planet. However, a war breaks out between the two planets.
  5. Black holes are used as portals into other galaxies.
  6. The story of aliens discovering Earth for the first time.
  7. Humans can be turned into robots without knowing it until the process has begun. They slowly lose control of their mind and their ability to make decisions as the technology takes over.
  8. Dragons are real, but they live in space.
  9. There is another Earth that is the exact same to the Earth we know, but it is currently set in the stone age (or any time period you choose).
  10. A new punishment in law has been developed. Instead of the death penalty, the person is subjected to a technology that forces them to live the day the crime took place but from the victims point of view.
  11. Alternate universes exist, but you can easily get trapped within one, ultimately leading to an entirely different life.
  12. Space cruises are now a thing, but they last longer than normal cruises because they take place in space. One day while several cruise spaceships are on their way back to earth, they are notified that they can’t return; it is now unlivable.
  13. Earth is an experimental planet. Humans are completely unaware of this.
  14. Scientists found out that a comet is livable for humans. It acts a lot like a planet. They devise a plan to make this a reality.
  15. There are several secret experiments with full colonies of people that have no idea their is a world beyond their walls. This has been going on for the last 200 years. Each colony serves a different purpose.
  16. Earth has long since been abandoned and nobody remembers it. Humans are far advanced technologically and go on regular space missions. One such mission is forced to deviate from their path and rediscovers Earth believing it to be a newly discovered planet until they land and see the abandoned cities.
  17. Marine biologists discover new species in the depths of the ocean where no humans have been able to go before. These species seem to be technological in some way. They decide to find out what this new technology is, why it exists, and where it came from.
  18. Humans attacked aliens the moment they arrived. They lost and now many live in prisoner camps on various planets.
  19. The world’s countries have a secret technological underground war.
  20. A blue flame in space can be seen from Earth, but it has only just appeared. It is treated as a threat and investigated. It becomes even more of a threat when the astronauts who go out to it do not return.
  21. A scientist has figured out how to turn holographic versions of people into real human beings.
  22. There are secret cities in the sky and oceans that can’t be seen unless they want to be seen.
  23. A meteor shower that is seemingly normal occurs, but in reality these meteors are rock creatures from space.
  24. Time travel is discovered, and international laws are put in place to not disturb the order of time. There is one caveat to this time travel. You only have one chance of going back in time and returning to your time. If you go back in time a second time, you get stuck.
  25. Cloning is illegal, but that doesn’t stop a group of rogue scientists.
  26. Researchers recreate several dangerous extinct species and push for them to be placed in a location where they can be studied.
  27. Aliens are extremely delicate creatures being taken advantage of by a government on Earth. One man assigned to a project with the aliens can’t stand what is being done. He decides to do something about it.
  28. A government conducts an experiment on a group of humans to be made immortal. The project works, but they are used in secrecy.
  29. Time stops moving, and nobody knows why.
  30. Communication between dimensions has now been made possible, but none of the dimensions know how to get themselves into another.
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Historical Fiction Story Ideas For Writers

a woman holding up two pictures
Photo by Cheryl Winn-Boujnida on Unsplash
  1. A story about the first woman on death row
  2. A story about the space race
  3. A story where Leonardo da Vinci is the main character
  4. Story from Jane Austen’s point of view. It could be from any point in her life. But it would be interesting to see from when she was writing one of her novels.
  5. A story where Mr. Darcy was a real man
  6. Story-based on one of Edgar Allen Poe’s stories. Was it actually real, and that’s why he wrote about it?

Dystopian Story Ideas For Writers

Soldiers walking down the street
Photo by Pawel Janiak on Unsplash
  1. A country (your choice) lives in underground bunkers as the norm. It has been (insert number) years that this has been the norm. Take the point of view of someone who is in their 20s. They want to know more about the world they live in. They start investigating what life was like before going underground. It is only then that they realize the strict rules they must adhere to. This could potentially become a series.
  2. Science has become the only school of thought in the world. Scientists are considered to be elite. Experiments are done no matter the cost because it is done in the name of science. This of course occurs at the expense of the non-elite who are kept under tight watch. The scientists have groups of people in giant pods around the world where their environment is controlled.
  3. A government has put a ban on any birth that exceeds one child (twins, triplets, etc). The reason for this is that they are thought to come from the devil (or something along those lines) and will do nothing but wreak havoc on the world. They can not be controlled. When this occurs, one child is allowed to live and the other(s) are killed immediately after birth. This is mandatory by law and punishable by death. All children born are given trackers and existing twins, triplets, etc., are hunted down. The story is of a mother on the run who couldn’t make it to the hospital, gave birth in a car, and had twins. She runs to keep her and her children alive.
  4. The country is turned into a dictatorship, but it is run by vampires.
  5. A man finds out the main source of communication for several sex traffickers. In his attempt to expose them, he very quickly becomes in danger himself.
  6. All children must have trackers inserted into their brains when they are born. If the parents refuse, they are executed, and the government raises the children as soldiers.
  7. A dystopian world that exists in space. A spaceship that can hold half a billion people was created in the last 1000 years that Earth was inhabitable. The leader of this spaceship lusts for power and slowly creates his own dystopian like world. This could be a book series following the rise and fall of this dystopian world.
  8. The U.S. government creates a secret food subscription box company designed to take control of all the buyers’ minds. It becomes extremely popular and people don’t catch on until it effects more than half of the population.
  9. At 18, people are given the age at which they will die. What they don’t know is that those who are given the age 24 are actually given a new life by the government that serves a very particular purpose.
  10. A dystopian story told from the point of view of the leader.
  11. Certain women with the “right” DNA are selected by the government to birth a new generation of elite humans.
  12. Humans have been living in a country that is tightly regulated, the ocean is utilized as a source of fear and they do not know that other countries exist. Chaos ensues when they are attacked by another country causing confusion and disorder.
  13. A cult grows into a government.
  14. Prisons have been changed so that they now go underground, where an entirely new government exists.
  15. People are executed at birth by what they look like. Only one form of physical traits is now acceptable.
  16. To weed out the weak, wealth determines what resources you have in the world. Those born wealthy can choose their careers, get the best education, and can choose who they fall in love with. Those not born wealthy are put into servitude until they reach adulthood where their careers and partners are chosen for them. They do not receive an education, and their careers often end in death. If you make it to the age of 45, your children are upgraded by one level of the wealth class ladder.

Let’s Talk About It!

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Okay, my idea bank has run out for now! I will come back to this post every once in a while to add more to my list of story ideas for writers. Perhaps more genre’s too! Today, I have given you ideas for the following genres:

  1. Fantasy
  2. Mystery
  3. Horror
  4. Romance
  5. Science Fiction
  6. Historical Fiction
  7. Dystopian

Tell me which story idea you are going to take to make your own!

With love,

Alexis M.

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