Date Idea-Go To The Best Cider Mill In Michigan

Date Idea: Go To The Best Cider Mill In Michigan

It’s fall and what better way to embrace than to go to the best cider mill in Michigan! My man and I went on a date mid-September before I left so that I could celebrate my favorite season with him!

It can be difficult to come up with cute date ideas normally. It is especially difficult right now because of the restrictions put on by COVID. Most places are closed, as the movie theaters are. Other places have restrictions, like limited seating at a restaurant. Indoor dating can be fun, but sometimes, you just want to get out of the house!

Luckily, I came across a very cute cider mill in Michigan that is a perfect date idea. Feel free to take it if your creative juices aren’t flowing!

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What Is The Best Cider Mill In Michigan?

Last year when my boyfriend and I went to a cider mill, it was packed and really not that impressive. We went into the corn maze that was supposed to be ginormous and not super easy to get out of. Unfortunately, it was super easy to get out of. There were hints along the way but we didn’t even need to use those. We ended up going into it twice just to get our money’s worth. We lingered and still had a lot of fun but we both knew we wouldn’t be going back the following year.

This year I wanted to find one that I loved AND one that wasn’t just for kids. I still love pumpkin picking, and cider and donuts! So, I did my research which if I am honest, did not take me long to do.

I simply looked at any that had a 4 star or higher rating and then I read through the reviews. I ended up with two that looked really cool. The first was relatively close but the prices were ridiculous. The second was further away but had better prices. So, I picked the latter.

What was this cider mill called? I’m glad you asked.

Erwin Orchards

picture of erwin orchards

The best cider mill in Michigan can be found at Erwin Orchards. Despite being in the midst of COVID, Erwin Orchards is still open. You do have to wear a mask if you go inside the building with the cider and donuts. However, I don’t think this is too big of a deal being that wearing a mask is pretty much required no matter where you go now.

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The Food

The cider and donuts were amazing! The donuts had a nice crispy crust and the flavor was very good. Not bland at all! The cider was better than store-bought but I would say it was on par with pretty much any other cider mill you go to.

They also had other little food items like jelly or apple butter. My boyfriend has never had apple butter before so we got that for him to try.

The Attractions

I loved that this cider mill was perfect for couples or families. There is so much to do that you are bound to find something you like as long as you enjoy going to cider mills. Here are the following attractions:

  • pumpkin patch
  • Apple picking
  • raspberry picking
  • petting zoo
  • cider and donuts
  • haunted house
  • mini sunflower patch
  • a corn maze.

If you decide to go apple picking you should know they do different apples during different dates so I would call ahead of time to make sure you can pick your favorite apples. When we went it was the Empire and gala apples.

It’s Not Busy At All!

One of the major pluses of this cider mill was that it was not busy at all. I will note that we went on a Monday so the number of people there could vary depending on the day of the week. I highly recommend going on a weekday if you have a day off.

What We Did On Our Date

erwin orchards-the best cider mill in michigan-picture on date

When we first got there we immediately went to go and get cider and donuts. It’s only us two at home so we got a half-gallon of cider, a half dozen donuts, and a jar of apple butter. We sat down at one of the benches and ate and drank and just chatted for a minute.

Then we put everything in the car so we wouldn’t have to carry it with us everywhere. What was really nice was the parking is very close to the building where you can get the cider mill and donuts. It’s perfect for getting everything beforehand like we did or ending your day with a treat.

the best cider mill in michigan-erwin orchards-pic in orchard

The next thing we did was go and look at the goats and sheep and then we went to see how much it would be to pick apples. The cost depended on how many apples you wanted to pick.

The smallest amount was 20-25 apples. Like I said earlier, there are only two of us so we thought that would be too many apples. We decided against it.

How You Like Them Apples


Instead, we circled around the building and “snuck” into the apple orchard. We weren’t planning on picking any apples (we don’t steal and you shouldn’t either) so we just walked around. The orchard was humongous. It was split off by the different types of apples. We walked up and down and around guessing what apples they were. Eventually, we actually saw signs that labeled what the apples were but we didn’t see it until we were pretty far into the orchard.

We did sneak and eat a couple of apples because we found Honeycrisps and macintosh apples. Honeycrisp apples are our absolute favorites and the macintosh apples are our second favorite.

They were delicious by the way so if you do the apple picking just know you won’t be disappointed.

picture in apple orchard

Anyways, we took a couple of pictures in the orchard and then set off to find the raspberry field. First, we found the pumpkin patches. While some were still growing we did find some ginormous pumpkins. I was jealous I couldn’t take the biggest one that we found but it looked awesome! We did joke about taking it to the edge of the road and then picking it up when we left. But, we didn’t.

On our way back to the car we finally saw what we assume to be the raspberry field but it was gated off so we decided not to go to it. We don’t really care for raspberries anyhow.

I loved our date and going on the little adventure in the orchard was so much fun and worth the drive.

If you consider yourself a travel bug then check out some more travel/adventure ideas here!

Let’s Talk About It!

If you love cider mills, then Erwin Orchard’s is the place to. That is if you live in or are visiting Michigan. There aren’t many people on weekdays and it’s perfect for couples and families. I thought of it as a nice quiet date that is best suited for people who love fall. Be sure to share this with other cider mill lovers!

With love,

Alexis M.

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