The Winner Of The August 2020 Monthly Contest Is-Featured Image

The Winner Of The August 2020 Monthly Contest Is…

Thank you to the voters for the first of many monthly contests to come. I am excited to announce that 51 of you have voted for the contestants mentioned last week. Check out the post here to see the books that were a part of the August 2020 Monthly Contest.

Now it is time to announce who the winner was for August 2020 and what happens from this point on.

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In Third Place

I thought it only fair, just like with any contest, to announce who was in third and second place before officially announcing the winner. Of course if you just can’t wait, feel free to scroll further down the page to see the winner.

In third place was:

The Ancient Eye.

the ancient eye book cover-purple shelf club

A young historian is forced to embark on a mystical yet deadly adventure with her partner when she lands herself (and the world itself )in a turmoil.

Full of grotesque creatures and dangerous mirages, it’s a a test of wits.
She discovers love ,unveils lies and finds herself knee-deep in the middle of An Ancient Conspiracy!

With Enemies turning Allies,she must find ‘ the mage ‘ or suffer the wrath of The Eye.

Would she be able to protect her present and future from the whispering secrets of her past?

Or would it consume her whole!?

In Second Place

Oh so close! The book that placed in second for this months contest was:

Misericorde (Mercy Series Book One)

Misericorde book cover-purple shelf club

It’s the year 2446, and the first three Horsemen of Revelation’s Apocalypse have ridden.

Pestilence, War and Famine have changed the world into a dictatorship ruled with an iron fist. Commoners have few rights, and liberty is a distant memory.

Before the final Horseman is released, the Archangel of Mercy – Tzadkiel – makes a bold plea, asking for permission to find even one human who remembers the meaning of mercy and compassion. He is given 100 years, until Death will sweep across the land.

Taking human form and coming to Earth, he finds a place ruled by greed, hatred and fear. With time running out and Death growing impatient, can Tzadkiel find what he’s looking for… and how much will he need to sacrifice?

The Winner Is…

And now for the important bit. By the great majority, the winner of the August 2020 monthly contest is:

I Call Him HIM

august 2020-i call him him book cover-purple shelf club

In a Post-Apocalyptic World, a warrior and his family are driven underground, fighting for their very survival.

When they do emerge, the futuristic planet they discover is very different from the one they left behind. Ruled by an evil presence which dominates and controls what is left of mankind, Earth has been reduced to a violent place of darkness, grief and destruction.

I call him HIM follows the journey of this unnamed warrior as he loses both his family and his mind. As he hits rock bottom, all he can think of is his insatiable yearning for revenge until he meets a young girl called Angelica who shows him the true power of faith. Her youth, innocence and strength of character remind him of everything he has lost and the things that really matter.

But as the armies of the world rise up for the ultimate battle of good versus evil, can Angelica help him regain his sanity and rediscover himself before it is too late?

Author Scott W. Kimak takes the classic theme of good and evil and gives it a modern twist in this inspiring tale of the importance of keeping your faith in the bleakest of circumstances.

CONGRATULATIONS SCOTT KIMAK! You are the first ever to win my monthly contests! I can’t wait to see what amazing reviews come through for your book.

What Happens Now?

Alright, so now that the winner has been announced, what happens?

Well, I will be sending an email to Scott Kimak asking for the copy of the book. Then, I will be sending that copy to all the people that voted for his book. I ask that all those who voted for his book please fulfill there promise and leave a review where you said you would. Be that on Amazon, goodreads, your blog, or anywhere else. I can not require that you do so, but, in order for these contests to continue, I ask that you do.

To those who voted but did not vote for the winning book, I will be emailing you as well with the link to the winning book. Please support the author by buying the book! You can also do so by the link below!

Better luck next month to all the authors and voters. Submissions are open now for September’s contest. This month’s genre is Romance so all you romance authors, take a chance and submit your book!

Let’s Talk About It!

How exciting. I am eager to hear all of your thoughts. Who did you think was going to win? Are you excited for next month? Let me know in the comments below!

With love,

Alexis M.

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