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This or That Book Tag

Welcome to my second post ever guys! Other than book reviews, there are plenty of topics on books to write about. For instance, I found this idea on Pinterest (follow me here!).

Book tags seem like a lot of fun so I thought why not give it a go! I have never done one before so why not? I found the “This or that” book tag from Jenn at Bound to Writing, so give them a read too. These are quick answers similar to the game “would you rather”. I’m sure you have played that game before! Without further ado, here is the “This or That” Book tag:

Audiobook or Text Book

Text book. I am not very good at listening and processing what I am hearing. I am also easily distracted so if I am not actually looking at a book and reading it then I am probably not paying any attention to it.

However, for people who can pay attention or need to multitask, this is a viable option. I am actually jealous of those that can listen to a book and do something else (like wash the dishes) at the same time.

I think the only time I can really enjoy an audio-book is if I am listening right before I go to bed or if I am sitting outside. Basically, any form of relaxation. Having a physical copy, or textbook is so much nicer though because then I can add to my bookshelves!

Paperback or Hardback

Hardback. I’ve noticed a lot of people like paperback and I have plenty of my own but if I had the choice I would choose hardback. This is because hardback books often have better designs and they are more durable.

Fiction or Non-fiction

Fiction. They are a lot more fun and interesting. There is a story and characters I can relate to (most of the time). If I want to learn about something then I will read a non-fiction book. Otherwise, fiction all the way.

Bookshop or Online

Bookshop. I live in MI and there is this shop in Ann Arbor jammed pack with books. I also love older looking books and they have so many of them.

They are also a great option for anyone who needs a cheap book because they often have a box of free books just sitting outside right next to the door. Online is convenient and if it is a newer book I am looking for then I will go online but I just love walking into a bookstore and looking for something new to me. Bookstores are the equivalent of Target for me!

Standalone or Trilogy

Standalone. This is more so because I just read a lot more standalone books than trilogy’s. I think a lot of people would probably choose a trilogy but a book series has really got to peak my interest for me to read them all.

Heavy & Long or Short & Sweet

Heavy and long. I love a story that I can immerse myself in and longer books tend to do that. I don’t like reading books that I can just finish in a day unless they are a collection of short stories or pack a punch. When I am looking at new books to get I usually go for the longer ones.

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Reading Somewhere Cozy or in the Sun

Both! This one just depends on the weather. If it is summer or 70 degrees and up I will go outside and enjoy the nice weather. If it is any other season or even remotely windy then I will read my book in my PJs wrapped in a blanket either on my couch or in my bed.

Hot Chocolate or Coffee

I have only recently started drinking coffee related beverages so I wouldn’t call myself a coffee drinker yet. I still prefer hot chocolate over the two. Especially if has something a little extra in it like a peppermint stick!

I Tag You For This Book Tag

Anyone who wants to do the “This or That” book tag is welcome too! Let me know in the comments or via my contact page so I can give it a read! Also, for everyone else, let me know in the comments what did you agree/disagree with me on? Does anyone have any good books I should add to my TBR? Have you ever done a book tag? Let me know in the comments!

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34 thoughts on “This or That Book Tag”

  1. This is such a fun book tag! I want to do this too! I am one of those people who can multitask by listening to an audiobook and do the dishes. It really is a gift! Hmmm, I’d go for paperback because it’s lighter and I can bring them in my purse if I have to. I like bringing a book or two everytime I go out of the house. I just have to! It has already became my reflex. Lol.

    1. Feel free to do the book tag too! I agree jt is a special skill to listen to a book and do something else. I wish I had that skill! And I carry a book with me too and it is usually a paperback as well.

  2. I’ve been to Ann Arbor During my many trips to MI for work meetings (in Midland). What a lovely city that is – a very European flavour. I can’t remember the bookshop though. That didn’t stop me returning timWales laden with new books after every visit.

  3. Love this tag!
    Heavy and long
    Reading somewhere cozy
    Preferable the last two together haha

  4. Great post! Reading is one of my favorite things in the world to do, and I honestly prefer paperback, love the feeling of holding it, but lately out of convenience, I have been reading on an iPad. For me it just about being summerged into a good story.

  5. I also love exploring bookshops and buying older looking books. A used bookstore is one of my favorite places to just spend hours browsing. I also share your sentiments with “heavy and long vs short and sweet.” There is nothing better than just getting completely lost in another world.

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