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10 Fantasy Novels | Vote In The 2021 Q1 Contest

Welcome to the 2021 Q1 contest! This is the first contest of the year which is so exciting because the theme is one of my favorite genres! If you don’t know, this contest occurs every quarter with the theme changing every quarter (learn more about the quarterly contest). This quarter is the fantasy genre. Fantasy is my second favorite genre, so I can’t wait to see which book wins! Authors submitted their books, I randomly selected the contenders, and now you get to vote!

If you are among the first 25 voters who vote for the winning book, you will get the winning book for free coming straight from the author. Time is of the essence. Voting will be open until March 31st at midnight EST.

Alright, you know the details. Let’s get on to the 10 fantasy books.

Table Of Contents

1. The Shard

The Shard Book Cover

Darkness is falling… something is happening to the children of the land. Slowly they are being turned, their magic twisted by the dark energy spreading its tentacles across the country, until what’s left is only a Darkling abomination. Only those in possession of a special Gift are immune and can drain away the energy to heal the children–but only as and when the Gift chooses.

Nalani has this Gift but considers it to be something of a curse. Believing it drove away her beloved father literally and her mother emotionally, she lives a lonely life doing what she can to help others. When the Gift suddenly demands that she journey to the mainland, the chance for escape, for a new life and purpose, beckons.

And with both hands, she grabs for it. Except as she settles into her new life in the city of Karas, she soon discovers more questions than answers when she stumbles across a series of magical experiments on creatures rumoured to have created the energy unique to the city. When she learns that this could be responsible for the dark forces sweeping the land, she decides this time she will take her life into her own hands.

With the help of those she encounters, including a Darkling boy and Luca, a young man whose research seems to hold the key, Nalani sets out on a path that will forever change her life. But will she figure out all of the answers, including ones shadowed inside herself, before the darkness overpowers them all.With its young adult protagonist and themes of self-discovery, coming of age, and setting out on one’s own, this novel should appeal to adults and YA alike

2. Sky Fighters Part VII: Secrets of the Past

Sky Fighters Book Cover

Three powerful, high-level Sky Fighters are missing in action! And though the Sky Fighters were able to thin the Python Demons’ ranks once more, this time around, the Sky Fighters were pushed almost to their limits.

In a new spin of the original series, while also being counted as part of the original series, Secrets of the Past is crafted into three short stories, revolving around the three missing Sky Fighters.

3. The Devil’s Workshop: A Metaphysical Extravaganza

The Devil's Workshop Book Cover

Tom and Katie are deeply in love, but Tom has just departed on a lengthy sea voyage, one he is confident will make him his fortune. No sooner has his ship left harbor, however, than Tom and Katie find their hopes thwarted at every turn.

The tide has changed in the affairs of the Coast because Deirdre, Queen of the Witches, has finally succeeded in killing the Son of Light. Now the two lovers must struggle to find one another across a landscape made perilous by rebellious slaves, savage Indians, and bloodthirsty pirates.

And little do they know, the plan to create the new Child of Light rests in their hands…The Devil’s Workshop is a literary epic romance with many fantastic elements. It is part ripping pirate yarn and part metaphysical exploration of the true nature of love and death. The characters are unforgettable; the dialogue is terse and realistic, and the plot will draw you in and not let you go till it reaches its dramatic conclusion.

4. Supernatural Lovers

Supernatural Lovers Book Cover

A female human named Elena marries a Portuguese vampire named Phillippe and along with their half-human, half-vampiric child Lisbeth they have foreign island adventures, meet new vampires and island friends, and have some really great discussions on religion, art and literature!

5. Eyes (Half-Alive Book 1)

Eyes half-alive book cover

Vũ Thanh is a typical girl, smart and cynical, born and raised in the countryside of Vietnam. Ever since the Government opened an industrial park near her village, things have been changing, for better and for worse. For Vũ Thanh, however, it has mostly been “for worse”…

Nearly two years ago, she left her village to go to University in the big city. Now, she’s returning to celebrate Lunar New Year with her family.

On the bus, the young girl met Điền Mục, a weirdo whom she suspected of being a con man but couldn’t quite decide for sure.

As she found her way home, Vũ Thanh found her village not quite what she remembered, and Điền Mục, the peculiar young man from the bus seemed to be right at the center of everything.

Is he truly who he said he was and there to help her? Or is he actually the mastermind behind it all?

Will Vũ Thanh trust the right person, or will she end up paying the ultimate price for her cynicism? Find out by joining Vũ Thanh on her thrilling adventure as she dives headfirst into a land full of myths, curses, spirits, and black magic!!!

This book is the first installment of the Half-Alive Series, and a YA Fantasy Thriller in genre. As such, it contains some violence, gore, as well as disturbing elements taken from Vietnamese (and perhaps other Asian) culture, folklore, and fairytales. Reader discretion is advised.

6. The Night Sender

The Night Sender Book Cover

Who are the night senders? Where do they come from? Why are they so shrouded in secrecy?

These are the questions Rose Woodburn desperately wants answered.

At midnight on her 18th birthday, Rose, like all ladies of the court, receives a visit from one of the night senders. It is a coming of age rite she has been warned to fear, but Rose, always defiant, is not scared. She’s fascinated by these creatures.

When the visit awakens a part of her she never knew existed, Rose begs her night sender, Roosha, to return. But Roosha, condemned to a life of servitude, is bound by sacred law never to see her again.

Undeterred, Rose embarks on a mission to uncover the secrets surrounding these mystical creatures and their true purpose—a mission that will reveal far more than she bargained for and forge an unlikely alliance. But can it be trusted?

Obsessed with discovering the truth, Rose finds herself on a harrowing path of self-discovery and drawn into an affair so forbidden, its punishment is a fate far worse than death.

7. Leaving Safety

Leaving Safety Book Cover

In the 1970s ten of the most brilliant scientists vanished from Earth without explanation. The mystery of where they went and why lingered for decades until an impending catastrophe begins to unravel their carefully held secrets.

Each scientist was chosen for their genius in a particular field of study. Working covertly, they created a futuristic secret colony of enhanced humans on the Moon. One by one, these Earth scientists died.

And now, only one remains. What hidden strings keep this leader tied so closely to Earth? Distant galaxies await these super humans, and eager young minds long to push the limits of what is possible through long distance space travel.

As discontent builds in the colony and the last remaining human scientist battles for ultimate power, one girl finds her way to Earth. Will she be the one to solve the mysteries deeply hidden in the lunar colony? Or will an otherworldly catastrophe reach them first?

8. The Telepathy Office

The Telepathy Office Book Cover

The vast Metropolis, a city inhabited by goblins, is in the throes of an industrial revolution forged in magic. Manna, magical energy captured in physical form, fuels its factories that produce artefacts to be traded across the galaxy. Wizards are the new elite. They use their magical skill to amass great wealth, and in turn, political power. Resentment grows among the mundane goblin proletariat.

Magic purveys every aspect of goblin life: Telepathic communication, weather control, and healing. But alongside the benefits come risks: Mutation from manna pollution, and magical diseases of vampirism and lycanthropy. But the biggest threat of all is demonic invasion.

Vampires steal a book to summon a demon. Infernal manna finds its way into the marketplace, with awful consequences.

Grand Master Pharaoh Henry must recruit a team of demon hunters to stop a full-scale invasion from Hell. But Henry is a dangerous fanatic, and those who work for him end up dead, or worse.

No right-minded wizard would risk death, or losing his soul, so he recruits who he can: A drug addicted augurist, a dishonoured ork, a cowardly policeman, a fugitive vampire, and a vain fashionista who shares her mind with a demon.

Against the backdrop of armed revolution, they investigate a Satanic plot to stop the opening of a gate to Hell itself.

9. Through Hell & Highwater

Through Hell and Highwater Book Cover

In university Volo Noscere, located in Rome, where new academic year brings forth alot of new challenges and questions. When the world becomes increasingly unpredictable, are the humans reason for it all, or is there more to it?

Evyline and Lisanna believe there must be magic behind the changes. Tylon doesn’t care about what doesn’t affect him and RocTar just wants to make it through the year without failing class.

Like it or not, they get pulled into discovering what the world has in store for them.

10. Strands of Existence 1: Island Girl

Strands Of Existence Book Cover

As an opportunist, Istrae yearns to get off her home island and visit Kerth, the City of Light and Abundance. Her preferred method of travel, however, didn’t include drowning. And she didn’t expect the city to be so dirty. Her memories are as broken as her body.

She begins to piece them together with the help of a spirit bound to a statue and an ambitious army captain called Rime she enjoys teasing.

While Rime guides Istrae in her new life, it becomes evident the rigid rules of society and the city’s Temple do not welcome those who seek to shake the established rules, which is something Istrae is incapable of resisting.

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