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Why Traveling is Important

I hope my fellow travel bugs are doing well! This post is dedicated to you. However, this post is also for those of you interested in travel. Today I wanted to talk about the importance of travel. What? Traveling is important? you say. Well, yes, and for several reasons too. Today I am going to attempt to speak on several of the reason why I believe it is important for people to travel.

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Why I Love To Travel

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Most people enjoy traveling and seeing different parts of the world. However, they may not realize how important it is or how beneficial to one’s health it is.

As you may have guessed, I am a travel bug. I enjoy traveling and one of my life goals is to see as much of the world as I can. It’s an ambitious goal but then again I would consider myself to be an ambitious person.

I love to travel for several reasons. One of those reasons is that I get to see new places. This is a rather simple reason but it’s true. No one place is exactly like the other. You are different from other people in the world simply because of where you live. I love exploring and seeing different ways that nature can be beautiful.

I will always love my home but I like temporarily living in new places. Something about staying in a hotel just feels comfortable and fun to me. I also like to try new things and traveling is always new! So I win every time.

Hopefully, by the end of this post, I will have convinced you of the many reasons travel is good for you so that you may start traveling more.

Benefits of Traveling

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There are both physical and mental health benefits of traveling. I find there to be several more mental health benefits rather than physical health benefits. So, I am going to start with the physical side of it all and then we can get into the meat of what makes travel so beneficial!

Physical Health Benefits of Traveling

Okay, first thing, the physical health benefits of traveling. I find that these benefits can be easily summed up into 2 categories, the food, and your actual physical health. Let’s start with what everyone enjoy’s, the food.


As I said earlier, everyone is different depending on where you live. One of those differences is the food. If we didn’t travel, we wouldn’t know about all the foods that are out there.

Yes, now we can search the interwebs for what foods are in India, Taiwan, Germany, and more. But, how will you ever know what they taste like if you don’t actually go? You wouldn’t, and you couldn’t truly appreciate it either.

When you go to a new place and try the food, you are immersing yourself in a part of there culture. You are learning more about them and hopefully broadening your perspective on ways of living and enjoying life.


Traveling and health is a big factor when it comes to the pros side of the list. If someone were to ask is traveling good for your health? I would say, yes absolutely! For one, you are more fit as a traveler. With so many activities to do in new places, you are bound to be on your feet more. It’s like you get the workout in without going to the gym. And the bonus is you get to see a new place too. This is especially true if you are hiking, sailing, or climbing a mountain. But, just the act of walking around a new city, museum, or tour is going to get you into better shape as well.

Traveling is also known to improve your sleep too. This is because people are generally happier when they travel and so their stress levels go down, which aids in a better, more fulfilled night’s sleep (plus any naps you take while on your little vacation).

So, is traveling bad for your health? I would say for the most part, no. If you are traveling for work it could be. This is because you are still dealing with your normal level of stress that is associated with your job. However, this is the only downfall that I could see with travel when it comes to your physical health. Otherwise, I would say traveling helps improve your physical health.

Mental Health Benefits of Traveling

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Is traveling good for mental health? Absolutely! In fact, I think there are far more mental health benefits to travel than there are physical health benefits. And I am going to prove it to you. Let’s get into it!

Why Traveling Is Important For Education

There are so many ways to improve what you know by traveling. The first thing that comes to mind is to travel abroad while in school. Why travel abroad? Well, for now, I can tell you why I am doing it. Soon I will be going overseas to obtain my Master’s degree. Traveling abroad can help you to gain new perspectives not just in how people live but how they learn as well.

I wanted a new experience that I could use to aide me in my career. The education I will be getting overseas for my field far surpasses what I would get here in the states. This may not be the case for every career path but you can still learn so much while traveling abroad. Whether you do it for a semester, one year, or several years, I believe it can boost your education.

You might be wondering what you can learn from traveling abroad or you might be wondering what you can learn from traveling if it isn’t for school. Well, there are several reasons why.

When you travel you have the opportunity to learn new languages, experience new cultures, learn what the world is like in other parts of the world, and hear about the history of other parts of the world. Also, you can learn through your experiences. You could learn about new things in nature like learning about new plants or animals. You could learn how to do new things like snorkeling, mountain climbing, sailing, and more.

I noticed that you also will find yourself learning different mannerisms and phrases. This may not seem important but it is! After all, you don’t want to accidentally offend someone right? I personally also find it interesting to experience new societal norms.

Lastly, you learn more about yourself. You learn what you like to do, what you don’t like to do, what foods you like and don’t like, the places of the world you enjoy the most, and so much more.


Who knew travel and stress were correlated? Well, okay you might have but you should know how important it is! Travel reduces stress and so simply making travel plans could help you throughout your life when you need to get out of your world for the moment.

I view travel as reading a book. It is a way for me to escape my world and live and experience someone else’s.

You shouldn’t run away from your problems. But, finding a way to help lower your stress at times is always a good thing. Traveling just so happens to be one of the ways you can do that.

You don’t even have to travel very far either. You could explore a new area of your state or country. Remember, traveling doesn’t always require you to go overseas or spending loads of money.


Travel and creativity are strongly related in my book. Think about all the art, architecture, and land you see. If you are an artist of any kind then the world is your canvas.

Traveling can give you ideas to draw, paint, or write about in your next book. If you don’t consider yourself to be a creative person, just get out into the world. Seeing and experiencing new things gives you new ideas.

I bet traveling has even helped some people come up with new inventions. It doesn’t matter what you do for work or as a hobby. Creativity is necessary, and what better way to boost that than to see the world!

Relationship Building

Travel and relationships is another important aspect to increasing your mental health. I think it would be safe for me to say that the vast majority of people understand the importance behind relationship building, forming bonds, and having friends and family. However, I bet few of you realized how beneficial relationships can be when it comes to traveling.

When you travel, you learn a lot about who you are. Part of that is learning who you are with other people. Traveling allows you to form strong bonds with people. It also allows you to build relationships with new people.

Traveling as a couple also has its benefits. You learn more about your compatibility when it comes to humor, sex, romance, communication, and experiences. I also found this little pamphlet if you will on traveling as a couple. Check it out here if you would like to see the statistics behind traveling as a couple and the many benefits it has.


This is a big one. Some things just won’t change your perspective on life and the world unless you get out there and experience it for yourself. After all, how could possibly know what it’s really like to fly a plane, feel the heat of a desert, or understand an entire culture unless you become a part of it for a little while? You can’t.

Some things you can know about by reading a book or watching a documentary, but you will never truly know what it’s like unless you submerge yourself in the experience. Knowing the facts is half the battle, living those facts completes the puzzle.

Challenges/Pushes Boundaries

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Doing new things can be scary. That includes going somewhere new. But if you step outside of your comfort zone, you are helping yourself to grow as a person.

Everything I listed above happens while you travel because you are challenging yourself. You are pushing the mental barriers of how you see and experience the world.

You may find yourself to be a different person at the end of your trip. Especially those longer trips. That’s okay! You should always be growing. Traveling just happens to be one of the ways you can do that.


The last thing I wanted to talk about was what I see as the most important benefit. It is the ultimate reason why traveling is important. You form memories.

These memories will last you a lifetime. And for those of you that still scrapbook, capturing those memories will allow you to have a tangible way to look back on your life. Traveling is a simple way to form happy memories that you can keep to yourself or share with the people you went with.

Why You Should Love Traveling

Okay, so I have laid out quite a few reasons that travel can be beneficial to you. In short, they are all the reasons why you should love traveling. Sure there could be frustrations along the way with flights, plans, luggage, and more. But those cons are far outweighed by the pro’s. So put yourself out there and go explore!

Let’s Talk About It!

All this talk about travel and I don’t even know where you would go! So tell me a little about it in the comments below. What are some dream destinations of yours? Are you working towards getting the chance to go to those places?

With love,

Alexis M.

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